Campaign Overview[edit]

Set on the stage of the Crystal War itself, this is the Allied Campaign. The overall campaign system is organized into four subdivisions:

Campaign Battles[edit]

  • Campaign Battles are the battles fought in the areas of Wings of the Goddess expansion. Each battle focuses on a zone, which can be controlled by an Allied Nation or the Beastmen (this includes the various cities and beastmen strongholds). These battles take place during the time of the Crystal War.
  • To participate in these battles, you must have Allied Tags issued to you by a Campaign Arbiter or the national field officer. Participants receive rewards in the form of Allied Notes and experience points.

Campaign Operations[edit]

  • Campaign Operations are small-scale missions that take place through the areas involved in the Crystal War.
  • Campaign Operations reward Allied Notes and experience points.
  • According to the Bastok NPC Aurelius:
"Campaign operations, also known as Campaign Ops, is the term used for the long list of small-scale missions authorized by the Allied War Council in Jeuno. When an operation is successfully completed, the nation is rewarded with an increase in battle funding, paid for by the Repositorium--an international bank founded by the four nations of Mindartia and Quon, and located in Jeuno. To put it bluntly, the harder you work, the richer the Republic becomes. Now don't get the wrong idea. That money is for the Republican Legion, not for you to spend at the local pub. No, you'll be rewarded with Allied Notes, which can be used to purchase supplies and equipment. You'll also be allowed to participate in more sensitive operations."


  • In every area, players may run into free-spirit NPCs with ties to no nation. Such NPCs are known as "Freelances." On such encounters you may be able to recruit these characters, enlisting them to temporarily serve the efforts of the Allied Forces. Freelances recruited in such a manner will not only participate directly in combat, but will also come to have an influence on the armies and countries which they serve under, and may even form their own ranks to lead in battle.

Tactical Assessment[edit]

  • All nations regularly carry out polls on the military policy of the day. The information gathered is used to discern various points of contention among military leaders and strategists, such as geographic locations for spearheading offensives, battle tactics for engaging specific enemies, etc. The results of these assessments are tallied on a weekly basis, with the prevalent opinions and views being implemented in the following week's military planning for campaign battles and Campaign Ops.

Campaign Medals[edit]


Evaluations are conducted on all participants of the Allied Campaign. Individual data is collected by the Allied War Council from various sources, such as Campaign Arbiters and the leaders of the armies in which the soldiers serve. This data is then used to determine whether or not a decoration is to be conducted. Some of the areas that are considered in this evaluation are performance in Campaign Operations, as well as valor shown during Campaign Battles. The more an individual is decorated, the more responsibility he or she will be given within the Allied Forces. And with more responsibility comes the promise of larger compensation in exchange for services. However, the prestige that accompanies the medals also carries with it a great weight. To maintain one's status, he or she must continue to exceed previous expectations. If a soldier fails to fulfill the duties that are required of all those who possess a certain medal, then the Allied War Council will be forced to confiscate that decoration. To put it simply, only those who fight with fervor and precision... only those who put the glory of the Allied Campaign above all else... will be allowed to reap the benefits that come with victory.


  • To earn a medal, a participant must earn a certain amount of Allied Notes during their Assessment period.
  • A new medal can be earned after a period of one hour from your last successful evaluation or from the time you ended your evaluation.
  • Speak to the Assessment NPC in the allied national home city in order to earn a new medal.
    • If the Allied War Council determines the participant has not earned a new medal, but has made some effort towards a promotion, the participant can choose to continue the evaluation without losing progress made towards the next medal, or to end the evaluation and maintain current honors.
      • If No is chosen when prompted to "End the evaluation?", the participant can return later to complete the evaluation without having to wait another hour.
      • If Yes is chosen, the current medal's timer resets to 30 days, and all progress is lost towards the next medal.
    • If the Council has deemed the participant unworthy of the highest medal earned based on unsatisfactory efforts, they will request the medal be confiscated. As before, the participant can choose two options:
      • If Continue your efforts is chosen when prompted to give back the medal, the participant can return later to complete the evaluation without having to wait another hour.
      • If Return the medal at once is chosen, the highest medal is confiscated and the timer resets to 30 days.
    • If the Allied War Council determines the participant is worthy of a medal, the participant has two options:
      • If Accept the medal is chosen when prompted, the participant will receive the medal and need to wait one hour for next evaluation.
      • If Decline the medal is chosen, the participant will still remain at the same status.
    • If the Allied War Council determines the participant is worthy of a medal, but already possesses the most prestigious medal, the following two options are available.
      • If No is chosen when prompted to "End the evaluation?", the participant can return later to complete the evaluation without having to wait another hour.
      • If Yes is chosen, the current medal's timer resets to 30 days.
    • If the Allied War Council determines the participant is unworthy of a medal, but has provided exemplary service to their nation by advancing far enough along their nation's quest storyline:
      • If No is chosen when prompted to "End the evaluation?", the participant can return later to complete the evaluation without having to wait another hour.
      • If Yes is chosen, the current medal's timer resets to 30 days, but the participant is urged to contribute to the war effort regardless.
      • If you have not progressed far enough on another nation's quest storyline when switching to that nation, this exemption is lost.
  • Effort accumulated towards a promotion will decay slowly over time.
  • There is an effort to keep track of the minimum XP/AN "required" for achieving any particular medal at this page: Medals. Keep in mind that it is not officially known that XP and/or AN is an actual requirement for ranking up. Also, as noted above, the "decay over time" factor may come into play.

Medals only last for 30 days real life time. After 30 days, your evaluation status is frozen (No longer decays) and your medal becomes inactive. To participate in Campaign again you must have an evaluation. If your evaluation status was neutral or favorable at the time the 30 day seal ran out, you will not lose your medal, no matter how much time has passed.

Campaign Sigil NPCs

Name Location
Millard, I.M. Bastok Markets (S) (G-4)
Miliart, T.K. Southern San d'Oria (S) (L-10)
Mindala-Andola, C.C. Windurst Waters (S) North (G-5)

Campaign Evaluation NPCs

Name Area Location
Annabelle Bastok Markets (S) (F - 8)
Alfred Southern San d'Oria (S) (K - 10)
Llewellyn Windurst Waters (S) (G - 9)

Rank Medals

Type § §§ §§§ §§§§
Ribbon Bronze Ribbon of Service Brass Ribbon of Service Allied Ribbon of Bravery Allied Ribbon of Glory
Star Bronze Star Sterling Star Mythril Star Golden Star
Emblem Copper Emblem of Service Iron Emblem of Service Steelknight Emblem Holyknight Emblem
Wings Brass Wings of Service Mythril Wings of Service Wings of Integrity Wings of Honor
Medal Starlight Medal Moonlight Medal Dawnlight Medal Medal Of Altana

Campaign Allegiance[edit]

At any given time you may fight for, and be aligned with, only one nation. If you wish to change your allegiance, you must complete the first quest in the WotG missions for that specific nation. Only one nation mission can be completed at a time. If you change allegiance to a different nation, you will keep all of your Allied Notes, Campaign Ops Credits, and your current rank. All progress toward your next rank evaluation will be reset however, as will the duration of your current medal and the time until your next possible rank evaluation (30 and 5 earth days respectively). If returning to a nation you had previously been allied to, you must pay 300 Allied Notes and return your two most recently acquired medals. There is no penalty if you do not have pre-existing medals.

Campaign Statistics[edit]

The scholar Maruna-Kurina has recently graced the allied forces with his presence, and with it a wealth of information on how wars are conducted, specifically on national statistic, campaign operations, and how they connect. For those wanting the short version of his lectures, read on. All campaign ops aside from Resource Procurement require either funds, resources, or supplies. If it's blank, it's currently unknown.

Campaign Sigil[edit]

For adventurers entering into a pact of service with the Allied Forces, the Sigil effect can be acquired by speaking with an Allied Officer. A variety of beneficial effects can be added to the Sigil at the cost of some Allied Notes to the player. Defeating a monster while bestowed with Sigil will result in the dropping of crystals, assuming the player is in a WotG area and the monster grants experience on defeat.

Name Location
Miliart, T.K. Southern San d'Oria (S) (L-10)
Millard, I.M. Bastok Markets (S) (G-4)
Mindala-Andola, C.C. Windurst Waters (S) North (G-5)

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