__WIKIA_BANNER__ Like crafts, hobbies can be fun activities that give you a break from adventuring. Also like crafts, hobbies do not actually require you to develop your character at all. A character created fresh can start most hobbies (the one exception is Chocobo Digging, which requires a license), and generally require little initial investment (as opposed to crafts) as you only need the tools of the trade to begin. While any level 1 character can buy a pickaxe and head out to find places to mine, most places are infested with monsters, so leveling your character can give you safe access to more higher level areas. With the exception of chocobo digging, there is no "skill" involved with hobbies, only set ways to perform. Harvesting, Excavating, Logging and Mining (H.E.L.M.) only require you to buy the appropriate tool, and use them on targets in monster infested areas. Gardening requires pots and the assistance of your moogle, and takes place in your mog house, though your moogle does most of the work. Gardening also is the best hobby if you don't want to have to level a character. Since it takes place entirely in your mog house, you never need adventure outside if you don't want to. Clamming takes place in one location, and is part of a game that can net you a good deal of loot, or lose it all if you overload your bucket and break it. Lastly, chocobo digging requires only that you hop on a chocobo, and feed it treats to get it to dig in any zone your chocobo can travel to.

Harvesting   Excavation   Logging   Mining

Using a sickle, you travel into the lush green wilderness to gathers grasses, seeds, and other plants. The materials you obtain are most often used in clothcraft and gardening.


Using a pickaxe, you travel through dungeons and bone yards to pick through the buried bones and find hidden treasures. Materials you obtain are most often used in bonecraft, and various other crafts as well.


Using a hatchet, you travel into the forests to chop logs, branches, fruit and fungus from trees. The materials you obtain are most often used in woodworking and cooking.


Using a pickaxe, you travel into caves, dungeons and mountainous regions to wrestle ore, gems and rocks from buried lodes. Materials you obtain are most often used in smithing and goldsmithing.

Chocobo Digging   Gardening   Clamming

Using bunches upon bunches of gysahl greens, you procure the use of a chocobo and head off to see what you can dig up. Chocobos will gladly dirty their beaks for a taste of these greens, and you can dig up quite a variety of items. Materials you obtain are varied, and depend largely on the area in which you are digging.


With the help of your Moogle, you plant seeds and tend to them, hoping to grow fruitful results. Gardening takes place in your mog house, using pots and seeds, and can give various results, depending on species and how you care for them. Materials you obtain from gardening are most often used in cooking and goldsmithing.


Using a bucket and shovel, you travel to the islands off the coast of Bibiki Bay. Here you play to see how much you can fit in one bucket without it breaking. Materials you obtain are used in a variety of crafts, or can be sold directly to a merchant for profit.

Multiple Hobbies and Hobby Bonuses[edit]

There are no limits to the number of hobbies you can participate in. Multiple hobbies may require lots of inventory and/or mog house space, so be prepared. All hobbies (except one) have armor sets that give bonuses to certain aspects of the trade. The exception is gardening, which instead uses furniture and a moghancement for gardening.

Field Tunica Set (and the Worker Tunica Set high quality version)
Chocobo Digging
Chocobo Jack Coat Set (and the Rider's Jack Coat Set high quality version), Chocobo Wand and Egg Helm
A high quality two piece swimsuit (race specific) obtained from the Sunbreeze Festival (2005 & 2006)
Moghancement: Gardening

Alchemy Bonecraft Clothcraft Cooking Fishing Goldsmithing Leathercraft Smithing Woodworking Synergy
Digging Clamming Excavation Gardening Harvesting Logging Mining
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