Skirmishes are battles for adventurers level 95+ that unfold in an alternate yet similar world to Vana'diel. Throughout their trials and tribulations opening up the continent of Ulbuka, pioneers may stumble upon Simulacrum Segments that, when combined, grant access to this mysterious realm.



  1. Collect Simulacrum Segments
    • There are three different categories of segments—visages, torsos, and legs—that each contain unique magical properties. Segments can be combined to form simulacra, and the composition of these segments determines the rank and composition of the skirmish. They can be obtained through numerous methods: they may be rewarded when completing a quest or mission, drop from fiends that roam the continent, or be received via exchanging certain currencies.
  2. Obtaining Key ItemSkirmish Simulacra
  3. Entering Skirmishes
    • Augural Conveyors serve as the entryways to the world of skirmishes, and will transport the party to the appropriate skirmish when the party leader examines one as long as he is in possession of a simulacrum key item.
    • Skirmish Simulacra vanish upon entering a skirmish.
  4. Doing Battle
    • Combatants may participate in skirmishes for thirty to sixty minutes, and completing the given objectives within this timeframe means successfully completing the skirmish.
    • Participants will always be tasked with two objectives per skirmish. No penalties will be incurred for only clearing the primary objective, but extra rewards will be presented for clearing the secondary objective.
  5. More on Doing Battle
    • All party members will be informed about what spoils they are to receive depending on how far they have progressed in the skirmish.
    • Noetic Ascensions populate the realm as well. These forces bestow a single beneficial effect upon all party members. The effect bestowed can be selected from a list that appears when examining a Noetic Ascension.
  6. Rewards
    • Combatants will receive a Fenestral Key temporary item for each objective they clear.
    • Using the Fenestral Key will cause a Treasure Coffer to appear, reset the time remaining to five minutes, and reraise any combatants who were KO'd. When a combatant opens his Treasure Coffer, the treasure pool will also appear.
      • Using a Fenestral Key before clearing the secondary objective will cause all enemies to vanish and make the objective impossible to complete.
      • Failing to use a Fenestral Key before the time limit expires will cause players to be disengaged immediately and lose the chance to claim any rewards.
  7. More on Rewards
    • Equipment obtained from skirmishes may be augmented by Divainy-Gamainy at the Inventors' Coalition in exchange for specific items and an appropriate amount of bayld.
    • Players may occasionally obtain obsidian fragments from defeating skirmish enemies. These fragments can be exchanged for either materials used in Inventors' Coalition augmentation services or simulacrum segments.
      • A certain facet of the Inventors' Coalition's building must be expanded before the coalition can provide this service.

Building a Simulacrum[edit]

Simulacrum Segments[edit]

The following are confirmed ways of obtaining Simulacrum Segments:


Visages determine the zone for the Skirmish as well as the quality of rewards.


Torsos determine the size of the area, the maximum time limit, the maximum number of enemies to defeat, and number of rewards.


Legs affect the number of Noetic Ascensions and type of effects bestowed by them. They give a single beneficial effect to all party members. The effect can be selected from a list when examining the Noetic Ascension.

Noetic Ascension[edit]

One or more Noetic Ascensions will be found scattered across the Skirmish area. Noetic Ascensions yield benefits for the entire party upon use, and the range and quality of benefits available, as well as the number of Noetic Ascensions found, will increase with higher tier Legs segments. Each Noetic Ascension may be used to bestow one benefit to the entire party, and each benefit may only be selected once per run. Benefits will be bestowed immediately (buff effects will remain active for the full duration of the Skirmish).

Faithful's Legs Tier / Benefit Availability & Value[edit]

Available Benefits I II III IV V
Obsidian Fragments+ 100 200 300 Unknown Unknown
Bayld+ 5000 6500 Unknown Unknown Unknown
Area Map XEks.gif CheckCheck.gif CheckCheck.gif CheckCheck.gif CheckCheck.gif
Attack +50 +150 Unknown Unknown Unknown
Defense Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Magic Attack Bonus Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Magic Defense Bonus Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown

The Battle[edit]

A skirmish will last from 30-60 minutes. (This will depend on what tier of Faithful Torso you use) There will be two objectives per Skirmish. Completing the first objective will give everyone a Fenestral Key temporary item. Using this item will end the Skirmish and reset the time remaining to five minutes and reraise all members. This time would be used to lot items that appear in the party lot pool as well as obtain your own personal treasure from the coffer that pops.

  • Rala Waterways (U)
    • Objective 1: Defeat a certain amount of NMs
    • Objective 2: Defeat more NMs! (less than objective 1)
Time Limit 30 minutes 40 minutes 50 minutes 60 minutes 60 minutes
Primary Objective 6 7 8 9Verification Needed 10
Secondary Objective 8 10 11 13Verification Needed 15
  • Cirdas Caverns (U)
    • Objective 1: Defeat a certain amount of monsters
    • Objective 2: Defeat more monsters! (less than objective 1)
Time Limit 30 minutes 40 minutes 50 minutes 60 minutes 60 minutes
Primary Objective 50 60 70 80 90
Secondary Objective 55 66 77 88 99


Some of the rewards from Skirmish include fairly decent “base” weapons, which can be further augmented by Divainy-Gamainy of the Inventors' Coalition by trading the weapon along with a Ghastly Stone/+1/+2. The stones used to augment these weapons drop from Skirmish or can be obtained with Obsidian Fragments (which are a type of currency obtained from participating in Skirmish).

Other rewards include various synthesis materials, as well as magic scrolls.

Weapons + Augments
NQ = Ghastly Stone
HQ = Ghastly Stone +1
HQ2 = Ghastly Stone +2
Using one of these stones will give you random augments from that particular pool*

  • Weapons can be augmented as many times as you wish. You will be prompted whether you want to keep the new augment or previous one, similar to Synergy.**
Type Name Jobs BASE NQ HQ+1 HQ+2
Archery Bocluamni RNG DMG: 121 Delay: 540 DMG +0~5 DMG +0~10 STR +0~4 AGI +0~5 DMG +0~25 STR +0~4 AGI +0~5
Axe Faizzeer WAR/BST DMG: 81 Delay: 288 DMG +0~16 STR 0~7
Club Aedold WHM DMG: 86 Delay: 300 DMG +0~3 STR +0~4 DEX +0~9 DMG +0~5 STR +0~4 DEX +0~9 DMG +0~5 STR +0~4 DEX +0~9
Dagger Leisilonu THF/BRD/DNC DMG: 52 Delay: 183 DMG +0~4 DMG +0~6 STR +0~5 DEX +0~3 DMG +0~9 STR +0~5 DEX +0~5
Great Axe Iclamar WAR DMG: 143 Delay: 504 DMG +0~12 STR +0~2 DEX +0~6 DMG +0~25 STR +0~3 DEX +0~3
Great Katana Shichishito SAM DMG: 126 Delay: 450 DMG +0~9 STR +0~5 DEX +0~2 DMG +0~24 STR +0~5 DEX +0~9
Great Sword Crobaci PLD/DRK/RUN DMG: 141 Delay: 501 DMG +1~11 DMG +0~28 STR +0~3 DEX +0~3 DMG +0~38 STR +0~3 DEX +0~3 Weapon Skill Damage +0~10
Hand-to-Hand Ninzas MNK/PUP DMG: +38 Delay: +51 DMG +0~23 STR +0~6 DMG +0~29 STR +0~8 DEX +0~6 DMG +0~30 STR +0~6 DEX +0~6 Counter +0~5
Katana Kannakiri NIN DMG: 58 Delay: 227 DMG +0~15 STR +0~10 DEX +0~8 DMG +0~22 STR +0~10 DEX +0~3 Weapon Skill Damage +0~5
Marksmanship Hgafircian RNG/COR DMG: 70 Delay: 660 DMG +0~2 STR +0~9 DMG +0~7 STR +0~9 AGI +0~8
Polearm Qatsunoci DRG DMG: 146 Delay: 492 DMG +0~10 STR +0~6 DEX +0~6 DMG +0~10 STR +0~8 DEX +0~8 DMG +0~20 STR +0~8 DEX +0~8
Scythe Iizamal DRK DMG: 153 Delay: 528 DMG +0~24 STR +0~3
Staff Lehbrailg BLM/SCH/GEO DMG: 96 Delay: 366

Magic Atk. Bonus+40

DMG +3~+6 MND +0~6 Magic Atk. Bonus +3~9 DMG +0~24 MND +0~2 Magic Atk. Bonus +0~24 DMG +0~24 MND +0~2 INT +0~3 Magic Atk. Bonus +0~24
Staff Uffrat SMN DMG: 96 Delay: 402

Avatar: Magic Atk. Bonus+25

DMG +0~10 MND +0~5 INT +0~4 Avatar: Magic Atk. Bonus +0~15 DMG +0~16 MND +0~5 INT +0~4 Avatar: Magic Atk. Bonus +0~29
Sword Iztaasu RDM/PLD/BLU DMG: 68 Delay: 236 DMG +0-3 DMG +0~11 STR +0~7 DEX +0~7
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