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Throughout Vana'diel, adventurers struggle against monsters and beastmen, prevailing with strength of arms, and the aid of companions.

One of the ways the adventurer's protect and guard themselves from harm is the armor they wear. Whether a full suit of plate mail, or an unrestrictive set of cloth armor, the equipment an adventurer chooses can determine if he and his companion's are successful, or doomed to failure.

While most adventurers pick and mix which pieces benefit them the most, depending on what role they choose to play in a party, they can also equip themselves based on looks as well as functionality. This is when they turn to the sleek look and convenience of a full armor set.

These sets of four or five pieces of themed armor share a few things in common. They tend to all be equippable at the same level (with certain exceptions). And every piece in the set shares the same jobs that can equip all pieces. The set pieces often share similar names, dependant on the theme, and if they have bonuses, those bonuses contribute to that theme.


For an adventurer's convenience, certain normal quality armor sets can be stored at NPC's in The Kingdom of San d'Oria, The Republic of Bastok, The Federation of Windurst, The Grand Duchy of Jeuno, Aht Urhgan Whitegate and in the Tavnazian Safehold. For a small fee, the adventurer can leave his armor sets in the keeping of these NPC's until he needs them, freeing up space for him to store other, more important items.

With the introduction of The Treasures of Aht Urhgan, some of the newly introduced armor sets have an additional bonus: Set Bonuses. These extra bonuses will only activate when all pieces of the set are worn. These bonuses make it worthwhile for adventurers to actually wear the new full sets, rather than just collect them for storage.

The following are the different armor sets, grouped by level and/or type.

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