Commodore Attire +2 Set

All 5 races in full Commodore Attire.

A set of rare armor only wearable by high-level Corsairs. This set strengthens the Corsair's image of naval commander quite effectively, with the color scheme shifting from the old light-brown tones of the Artifact set to rich, navy blue fabrics, deep brown leathers and white cloth trimming. The true potential of this Relic Armor can be unleashed by completing the Trials of the Magians. There are 2 variations of this armor with stage 1 being Item-related augments and stage 2 being Merit point-related augments.

This is the stage 1 +2 version of the Relic armor set.

Number of Pieces: 5
Cost to store: Not storable with armor depository NPC.
Storage Slip: Cannot be stored on a Moogle Slip

Level Armor Piece
Commodore's Tricorne +2 RareExclusive
[Head] All Races
DEF: 31 HP +17 STR +6

Ranged Attack +12
Augments "Phantom Roll"
Lv. 90 COR

Commodore Frac +2 RareExclusive
[Body] All Races
DEF: 59 STR +5 AGI +5

Accuracy +12 Ranged Attack +12
Enhances "Random Deal" effect
Lv. 90 COR

Commodore Gants +2 RareExclusive
[Hands] All Races
DEF: 18 HP +21 AGI +5

Range Accuracy +7 Range Attack +7
Enhances "Snapshot" effect
Lv. 90 COR

Commodore Culottes +2 RareExclusive
[Legs] All Races
DEF: 39 HP +31 STR +5 AGI +5

Attack +9
Range Attack +5
Range Accuracy +5
Evasion +9
Lv. 90 COR

Commodore Bottes +2 RareExclusive
[Feet] All Races
DEF: 21 HP +17 DEX +5 INT +5

Accuracy +9
"Magic Atk. Bonus" +6
Lv. 90 COR

Set Summary[edit]

  • Defense 168
  • HP +86
  • STR +16
  • DEX +5
  • AGI +15
  • INT +5
  • Evasion +9
  • Attack +9
  • Accuracy +21
  • Range Accuracy +12
  • Range Attack +36
  • "Magic Atk. Bonus" +6
  • Augments "Phantom Roll"
    • Occasionally supercharges rolls with bonuses usually only received if a specific job is in party, without the need for that job to be present. Chances of effect happening seem to be around ??%.
    • Does not need to be worn during Double-up. Supercharged Phantom Roll effect will persist throughout the duration of the roll, unless you bust.
    • Does not increase the extra bonus received if the associated job is present in the party.
    • Does not apply to any rolls which lack a specific party bonus job (rolls learned after level 75).
  • Enhances "Random Deal" effect
    • Increases success rate with one job ability waiting on recast.
    • Small chance to restore 3 job abilities with more than one job ability waiting on recast.
  • Enhances "Snapshot" effect
    • -2% delay. Verification Needed


The rank of Commodore derives from the French commandeur, which was one of the highest ranks in orders of knighthood, and in military orders the title of the knight in charge of a commenda (a local part of the order's territorial possessions). Commodore is now used as a military rank in many navies for officers whose position exceeds that of a navy captain, but is less than that of a rear admiral. An American commodore, like an English commodore or a French chef d'escadre, is but a senior captain, temporarily commanding a small number of ships, detached for any special purpose. They hold no permanent rank, recognized by government, above his captaincy; though once employed as a commodore, usage and courtesy unite in continuing the title.

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