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Random Deal

Job Ability[edit]

  • Has the possibility of resetting the reuse time of a job ability for each party member within area of effect.
  • Obtained: Corsair Level 50
  • Recast Time: 20:00
  • Duration: Instant

More Information[edit]

  • The Random Deal ability is not affected by the Random Deal effect. In other words, Random Deal cannot recharge itself.
  • The Random Deal ability cannot return 1 hour abilities.
  • If the message "<Player name> evades." appears after Random Deal, that person's ability timers were not reset, or that person has no abilities to reset.
  • Random Deal can attempt to restore the reuse timer on an ability which is already available. This is the case when a player does not "evade" Random Deal, and also does not notice any returned used abilities.
  • Random Deal is more likely to reset job abilities that have lower ability timers.
  • If used in conjunction with the merited job trait Loaded Deck, Random Deal will always restore one ability if more than one ability is waiting to be restored.
    • If only one ability is waiting to be restored there is a moderate rate of success (~50%), which is increased with successive merits (10% each) into Loaded Deck.
  • If used with Commodore Frac or Commodore Frac +1 equipped, there is a low chance (~10% or less) for Random Deal to restore two job abilities if two or more were used.
  • If the Random Deal ability successfully resets a charge-based ability (Stratagems or Quick Draw), all charges will be restored.

Macro Syntax[edit]

  • /ja "Random Deal" <me>
This article uses material from the "Random_Deal" article on FFXIclopedia and is licensed under the CC-BY-SA License.