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Bastion Overview[edit]

Bastion is the ongoing struggle of the Resistance to defend against the attacks of the Abyssean legions. This takes place in the Scars of Abyssea zones: Attohwa, Misareaux, and Vunkerl.

Adventurers who ally themselves with the Resistance in these zones can be rewarded with Experience Points, the Abyssean currency Cruor, and Resistance Credits, which are unique to the Scars of Abyssea expansion areas.

The overall Bastion system is organized into two subdivisions:


Bastion Battles[edit]

Bastion battles are events held in Abyssea - Vunkerl, Abyssea - Misareaux and Abyssea - Attohwa. It is much like Campaign in which you and your allies must protect the fortification from incoming enemy attacks. Unlike Campaign, you receive rewards when a mob dies rather than at the end of the skirmish. Rewards increase with your contribution to the battle and with the amount of enmity you incur. For example, landing the killing blow will grant higher Experience Points. Should no enemies die in the battle, no Experience Points, Cruor, or Resistance Credits are rewarded.

To participate in a Bastion battle, you must speak with a Bastion Prefect at the field camp, located at Veridical Conflux #00, and receive the Pennant status. From there, the objective is to eliminate the enemies as they come and protect the vulnerable Pulse Martello at all costs. Failure to do so results in decreased defenses and reduced benefits for the Resisitance within the respective zone.

Basic strategy[edit]

Simply engage enemy units and defeat them. The simplest method would be to go straight to the Pulse Martello after getting Pennant status. When the intruders show up, they will generally be a pack of about 5-10 units in a tight formation. Execute some area attack skills to try and hold the invaders at bay. You can depend on the NPCs to deal out high-damage spells and skills that will finish off the enemies. Sometimes, an enemy will break through the line and manage to steal a martello core; it's not critical unless they actually get away. Essentially: keep them all nearby, engaged, and focused on fighting instead of fleeing. You will earn experience, cruor and resistance credits for mere participation (this is occasional, and right at the start, around 300 credits), and for each enemy defeated (average 175 credits). At level 99, most jobs should be able to hold their own in Bastion without any effort, due to its fast-paced nature. The enemies are generally unable to do enough damage to kill players. For anyone without area attacks, aim to defeat single units as fast as possible.

Pulse Martello and Clone Wards

Resistance Ops[edit]

Resistance Operations are small-scale quests offered by the Resistance Sapper at the field camp, located at Conflux #00 in each Scars of Abyssea zone, and can be completed once per game day.

Successful completion of Resistance Ops rewards Resistance Credits and Cruor of varying amounts based on your level of success. Some may also award Empyrean Armor Seals. Resistance Ops count toward fame in their respective zones.

There are three separate quests, with a basic and a more difficult option available. Each quest serves to increase the Bastion defenses in different ways.

  • The Ward Warden series increases the defenses of the Pulse Martello and the Clone Wards which protect it.
  • The Desert Rain series provides an offensive and defensive boost to the Bastion NPCs who actively defend the Pulse Martello.
  • The Crimson Carpet series supports the Fore and Rear Traps which hinder the advancing enemy forces.

Stronger defenses can result in a more lucrative Bastion battle experience for participants.

This article uses material from the "Category:Bastion" article on FFXIclopedia and is licensed under the CC-BY-SA License.


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