The goal in Assault is to fight through an enemy stronghold with a small, elite unit of mercenaries.

Before being able to join an Assault Mission you need to become a Mercenary for Aht Urhgan. Then you can go to the Commissions Agency in Aht Urhgan Whitegate, where you can view a list of available tasks. Choose any task that interests you, and gather the number of people necessary to finish the operation. Then, enter the enemy's stronghold and complete your tasks.

If you manage to complete the Assault and make it back alive, the Empire of Aht Urhgan will reward you with fame and an appropriate reward, including pieces of the Assault Armor Sets.

Assault can only be undertaken by small, select groups. In exchange, the Imperial Army will evacuate any non-participants so that you can fully concentrate on the operation. On the other hand, no one will be around to help if you find yourself in trouble, so you must always be on guard.


Before participating in Assault missions, you must first be above level 50 and a member of Salaheem's Sentinels (completed by starting Aht Urhgan Mission 3: President Salaheem).

To undertake a mission, you must speak with Rytaal in the Commissions Agency in Aht Urhgan Whitegate, who can issue you with an Imperial Army I.D. Tag. One tag is required for each mission attempt. All Assault missions (excluding the unofficial assault quest on The Ashu Talif) require a party of 1-6 members.

After accepting a mission from one of the Assault Mission Giver NPCs, you must make your way to the Staging Point for the particular assault area. If you have previously used the Runic Portal in that area, you may use the Chamber of Passage to teleport directly to the area without charge.

To unlock more missions you must achieve a higher Mercenary Rank. These ranks are obtained by taking part in Assault missions and completing the associated Promotion quest.

Completing Missions[edit]

When you reach the Staging Point, one member of your party needs to get an Assault Armband in order to lead the mission. Talk to the Immortal sentry in the staging area and pay them 50 Imperial Standing for the armband.

The leader then needs to examine the Runic Seal and select the level cap. The options are for a 50, 60, 70 cap, or no level cap. After confirming that you are ready everyone in the party that is in the staging area with correct orders is transported to the mission area.

  • If any party member does not not fulfill the requirements to participate, an error message will appear and no-one will be transported into the Assault zone.

When you complete the objectives of an Assault mission, a Rune of Release appears at the exit point, along with an Ancient Lockbox. The lockbox contains treasure, while the Rune of Release ends the Assault. Whoever opens the Ancient Lockbox may receive an unidentified item directly into their inventory. Other treasure goes into the Treasure Pool.

  • An unidentified item is received only if the Assault was completed at or above the "recommended level."
  • Leaving an Assault clears the treasure pool; distribute items before you use the Rune of Release.
  • If you are short on time, quartermaster may be used to preserve the treasure for distribution outside the Assault zone.

When you use the Rune of Release, you receive the Assault Points reward. The point values listed below are for each player in a party of 3. Below are the additional rules for Assault Points calculation:

  • Some Assaults give bonuses or penalties based on how well you perform.
  • Each additional player in excess of 3 reduces the reward by 10%, so in a full party of 6 each player would get 70% of the listed value.
  • The first time you win a mission, you will receive a 50% bonus.
  • The leader of the mission receives an extra 10% bonus.
  • The bonuses are multiplicative, not additive. If you won an Assault for the first time as the leader of a 6-person party, you would get: Assault Points * 70% * 150% * 110%.
  • If you fail a mission, you still receive 100 Assault Points as a consolation prize.
  • You do not need to be in the party to get points when the Rune of Release is activated.
    • However, you must be connected to the game to get points and the clear of the Assault when the Rune of Release is activated. If you disconnect, and the party exits the Assault, regardless of whether they won or not, you will fail the Assault.

After a total party wipe, you will automatically be removed after 3 minutes. Bring Reraise items in case there is a chance you can still complete the Assault. However, Reraise effects will not carry over if you are automatically removed from the area.

  • Experience Points are still lost upon death while inside an Assault zone, despite Assaults being classified as missions.
  • Whenever you successfully complete an Assault you receive points towards a Mercenary Rank promotion.
  • To cancel an Assault order, talk to Rytaal and choose 'Cancel application.' to return your orders for an I.D. tag.

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