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Counting Sheep

Mission Name Counting Sheep
Mercenary Rank Corporal
Mission NPC Yahsra - Aht Urhgan Whitegate (L-10)
Staging Point Azouph Isle Staging Point
Objective Buy black sheep
Recruitment Lv.60, 1-6 mercenaries
Mission Orders The Imperial Army on the eastern front is being hit by a peculiar cold wave, and warm uniforms are in short supply. Buy as many sheep as you can from the markets in Leujaoam and save the troops.
Time Limit 15 minutes
Reward Leujaoam Sanctum Assault Points
  • 3 members: 1166 - 166.5 * number of sheep not found
  • 4 members: 1050 - 150 * number of sheep not found
  • 5 members: 932 - 133 * number of sheep not foundVerification Needed
  • 6 members: 816 - 116 * number of sheep not foundVerification Needed

Varies based on the number of sheep found.


Ancient Lockbox
Hi-Potion +2 (???%)
Hi-Potion Tank (???%)
Hi-Ether Tank (???%)Verification Needed
Reraiser (???%)
??? Dagger (???%)
Hushed Dagger (???%)
Spark Dagger (???%)
Ponderous Gully (???%)
Kyofu (???%)
Katars (???%)
Ponderous Manoples (???%)
Pahluwan Katars (???%)
??? Box (???%)
Gardenia Seed (???%)
Glass Sheet (???%)
Ice Crystal (???%)
Iron Bullet Pouch (???%)
Merrow Scale (???%)
Phalaenopsis (???%)
Soulflayer Staff (???%)
Spartan Bullet Pouch (???%)
Tsurara (???%)
Venom Bolt Quiver (???%)
White Rock (???%)


Free Karakul that are trapped by ice by getting Qiqirn Shepherds to demolish the barriers that trap them.

  • Near the entry point, there are 4 Qiqirn NPCs:
    • The Qiqirn Mine Baron will give you a Pickaxe Temp Item.
    • The Qiqirn Greengrocer will give you a Sickle Temp Item.
    • The Qiqirn Dealer offers you to "Roll Dice" with him.
      • The object of the Dice Roll game is to roll as close to 1,000 without going over and to beat the Dealer. After each roll, you get a prompt to roll again; this will ADD onto your previous roll(s). Example: on the first roll you get a 400 and on the second a 600. That would be a total of 1,000. The numbers on the rolls seem to be like a /random, 0-999. The Dealer also gets the same way of rolling. You can roll as many times as you wish, until you go over 1,000.
      • You need 5 Bronze Pieces or 1 Silver Piece to gamble.
      • If you lose, you lose your piece(s).
      • If you win, you get a Gold Piece.
      • If you get a draw, you will get a Imperial Silver Piece.
    • The Qiqirn Shepherd runs around shouting for an Imperial Gold Piece, 4 Imperial Silver Pieces, or "2 of 10" (i.e. 20) Imperial Bronze Pieces. Once you talk to him with the necessary currency in your inventory, he starts to follow you.
      • Take the Qiqirn Shepherd to one of the 5 ice barriers blocking off the rooms. (approximately (F-8), (G-8), (H-8), (H-9), (I-9))
      • He will use one or more Qiqirn mines to break the ice. At this point, he may require one or more of the temporary food items obtained through harvesting. It is possible for a different party member to feed a Shepherd instead of the one that paid him the coins.
      • Once the ice is broken, proceed into the room and touch the Karakul NPC. The Qiqirn Shepherd will run back to the starting area.
      • Two of the rooms contain an additional Qiqirn Shepherd. They can help with getting all five Karakul in time. They will run to the starting area after they are freed.
  • After you have found one sheep the Rune of Release will appear at the starting area.
    • All 5 Karakuls must be obtained if you wish to receive maximum points.


  • The number of points given by this assault and the penalty amount that is displayed above may not be accurate. Players have reported receiving the following amounts of points:
    • The formulas for the points calculations have been determined, however, we need additional data to verify the exact numbers for 5 and 6-player groups. Rounding errors may cause the numbers listed above to be slightly off.
    • 1923:3 (5 sheep, 1st time) [Hosting]
    • 1749:3 (5 sheep, 1st time)
    • 1000:3 (4 sheep, Repeat)
    • 1373:3 (3 sheep, 1st time) [Hosting]
    • 1249:3 (3 sheep, 1st time) [Not hosting]
    • 1166:3 (5 sheep, Repeat)
    • 1050:4 (5 sheep, Repeat)
    • 900:4 (2 sheep, 1st time)
    • 867:6 (3 sheep, 1st time)
    • 666:3 (2 sheep, 2nd time)
    • 525:6 (1 sheep, 1st time)
    • 825:3 (1 sheep, 1st time) [Hosting]
    • 1282:3 (3 sheep, repeat) [Hosting]



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