Nyzul Isle Uncharted Area Survey

Mission Name: Assault Mission - Nyzul Isle Uncharted Area Survey
Mercenary Rank: Private Second Class
Start NPC: Sorrowful Sage - Aht Urhgan Whitegate (L-10)
Staging point: Nyzul Isle Staging Point
Objective: Complete on-site objectives
Recruitment: Lv.99, 3-6 mercenaries



  • Eliminate all enemies. Defeat every enemy on the floor, including notorious monsters, but excluding Archaic Gear and Archaic Gears.
  • Eliminate specified enemy. Defeat a single normal monster. The Specified Enemy target checks as Impossible to Gauge. There is typically several of that monster type which check normally; only the one that checks as Impossible to Gauge needs to be defeated. Notorious Monsters and Archaic Ramparts still appear and check as Impossible to Gauge, but they are not the specified enemy. The specified monster is a normal (not notorious) monster.
  • Eliminate specified enemies. 2-6 monsters in a certain family that all check as Impossible to Gauge need to be defeated. The possible families of monsters are:
  • Eliminate enemy leader. (NM Floors) Defeat a special Notorious Monster unique to this mission. They are distinguishable from other Notorious Monsters on the floor because the enemy leader is always from one of the following Aht Urhgan monster families:
  • Eliminate enemy leader. (Boss Floors) On floors 20, 40, 60, 80, and 100 the floor layout is not be random and the enemy leader is a High Notorious Monster.
  • Activate all lamps. This objective is further split into three possibilities which can only be confirmed once a Runic Lamp is found.
    • All party members must touch a single lamp to register their "certification code."
    • All lamps (3-5 total) must be activated at the same time (within a brief window).
      • As of the May 14, 2015 version update, the brief window is now five minutes
    • All lamps (3-5 total) must be activated in a specific order in a short window of time.
      • For lamp order, after all lamps are activated, every lamp lights up. Several seconds later, lamps which were activated in the correct position in the sequence remain lit, while lamps activated in an incorrect position turn off. The order must be modified and retried until the correct sequence is found.
  • No objective. Rarely, a floor appears with no objective, and players can progress to the next floor immediately.


Euxine/+1/+2/+3/Thaumas Set[edit]

Head: Euxine Hat/+1/+2/+3, Thaumas Hat
Body: Euxine Coat/+1/+2/+3, Thaumas Coat
Hands: Euxine Gloves/+1/+2/+3, Thaumas Gloves
Legs: Euxine Kecks/+1/+2/+3, Thaumas Kecks
Feet: Euxine Nails/+1/+2/+3, Thaumas Nails

Rheic/+1/+2/+3/Phorcys Set[edit]

Head: Rheic Salade/+1/+2/+3, Phorcys Salade
Body: Rheic Korazin/+1/+2/+3, Phorcys Korazin
Hands: Rheic Mitts/+1/+2/+3, Phorcys Mitts
Legs: Rheic Dirs/+1/+2/+3, Phorcys Dirs
Feet: Rheic Schuhs/+1/+2/+3, Phorcys Schuhs

Tethyan/+1/+2/+3/Nares Set[edit]

Head: Tethyan Cap/+1/+2/+3, Nares Cap
Body: Tethyan Saio/+1/+2/+3, Nares Saio
Hands: Tethyan Cuffs/+1/+2/+3, Nares Cuffs
Legs: Tethyan Trews/+1/+2/+3, Nares Trews
Feet: Tethyan Clogs/+1/+2/+3, Nares Clogs


Upon defeating a boss from a specific floor a set number of times, players will be rewarded with a part of an astrarium which can be redeemed for one piece of armor from the next higher boss floor (except Platinum Astrarium). Astraria can be redeemed for the associated rewards at the NPC Berangere in Aht Urhgan Whitegate (L-9). One part of an astrarium is obtained in addition to the armor which normally drops from boss battles. After defeating a boss, a message will be displayed showing how many parts of that floor's astrarium you have in possession, and this can also be checked at Berangere. You can only hold one of each of the Key Item (completed) Astraias; while you can still obtain more fragments without exchanging it for an item, you will not be able to get the final fragment. A message will say "You already possess this astrarium. Unable to obtain additional parts."

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