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Assault/Rewards by Category

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L50, All Jobs, 3000 points

Item Area Stats
Stoic Earring Leujaoam Sanctum HP+20, Resist Stun, hHP+1
Antivenom Earring Mamool Ja MP+15, Resist Poison, hMP+1
Insomnia Earring Lebros Cavern HP+15, MP+15, Resist Sleep
Vision Earring Periqia Ranged Accuracy+2, Resist Blind
Velocity Earring Ilrusi Atoll Evasion+4, Resist Slow


L50, All Jobs, 5000 points

Item Area Stats
Unfettered Ring Leujaoam Sanctum DEF: 5, Mag. Def. Bonus+2, Resist Petrify
Ebullient Ring Mamool Ja HP+15, MP+15, Resist Paralyze
Hale Ring Lebros Cavern INT+3, MND+3, Resist Virus
Unyielding Ring Periqia DEF: 7, DEX+3, VIT+3, Resist Charm
Garrulous Ring Ilrusi Atoll STR+3, AGI+3, Resist Silence


L60, All Jobs, 8000 points

Item Area Stats
Tempered Chain Leujaoam Sanctum DEF:8, HP+20
Enlightened Chain Mamool Ja INT+3, MND+2
Chivalrous Chain Lebros Cavern DEF:4, STR+3, Accuracy+5, Store TP+1
Fortified Chain Periqia DEF:4, Evasion Skill+3, Shield+3, Parry+3
Grandiose Chain Ilrusi Atoll HP+10, MP+10, hHP+2, hMP+2


L60, All Jobs, 10000 points

Item Area Stats
Potent Belt Leujaoam Sanctum DEF: 5, STR+3, Accuracy+8
Spectral Belt Mamool Ja DEF: 5, MP+10, Enmity-4
Precise Belt Lebros Cavern DEF: 5, Accuracy+5, Ranged Accuracy+5
Resolute Belt Periqia DEF: 5, Mag. Def. Bonus+2 Interruption-8%
Hurling Belt Ilrusi Atoll DEF: 5, Ranged Accuracy+4 Throwing+5


L60, 10000 points

Item Area Stats
Miraculous Cape Leujaoam Sanctum DEF:5, MP+15, MND+3, CHR+3, Enmity-1
Bullseye Cape Mamool Ja DEF:7, AGI+1 Ranged Attack+12
Intensifying Cape Lebros Cavern DEF:5, HP+30, MP+30
Bushido Cape Periqia DEF:7, Evasion+1, Store TP+1, Subtle Blow+1, Enhances "Zanshin" Effect
Invigorating Cape Ilrusi Atoll DEF:5, MP+1%, Evasion+3, hMP+1


15000 points; All except Storm Fife: L71, Depending On Day: Increases Elemental Weapon Skill Damage

Area Weapon 1 Type Weapon 2 Type Weapon 3 Type
Leujaoam Sanctum Yigit Bulawa Club Imperial Bhuj Great Axe Pahluwan Patas Hand-to-Hand
Mamool Ja Storm Tulwar Sword Imperial Neza Polearm Storm Tabar Axe
Lebros Cavern Imperial Pole Staff Doombringer Great Sword Sayosamonji Katana
Periqia Khanjar Dagger Hotarumaru Great Katana Imperial Gun Gun
Ilrusi Atoll Imperial Kaman Bow Storm Zaghnal Scythe Storm Fife Wind Instrument
Nyzul Isle See mythic weapons for more information.

Amir Korazin Set[edit]

20000 points; L72 WAR/PLD/DRK/SAM/DRG, Set: Reduces magic and breath damage

Item Slot Area Stats
Amir Puggaree Head Periqia DEF:23, Attack+5, Evasion+2, hHP+2
Amir Korazin Body Lebros Cavern DEF:44, Attack+12, Evasion+12, Enhances "Zanshin" Effect
Amir Kolluks Hands Leujaoam Sanctum DEF:21, Attack+5, Parrying Skill+5
Amir Dirs Legs Ilrusi Atoll DEF:38, Attack+4, Ranged Accuracy+4, Ranged Attack+4
Amir Boots Feet Mamool Ja DEF:16, Attack+5, Accuracy+6, hHP+1

Pahluwan Armor Set[edit]

20000 points; L72 MNK/RDM/THF/BST/RNG/NIN/DRG/COR/PUP/DNC/RUN, Set: Enhances "Subtle Blow" Effect

Item Slot Area Stats
Pahluwan Qalansuwa Head Leujaoam Sanctum DEF:15, Accuracy+7, Attack+5, Ranged Accuracy+7
Pahluwan Khazagand Body Ilrusi Atoll DEF:42, HP+20, Accuracy+10, Ranged Accuracy+10, Increases Rate of Critical Hits, hHP+2
Pahluwan Dastanas Hands Lebros Cavern DEF:19, Accuracy+5, Ranged Accuracy+5, Ranged Attack+5
Pahluwan Seraweels Legs Mamool Ja DEF:36, STR+3, Accuracy+4, Ranged Accuracy+4
Pahluwan Crackows Feet Periqia DEF:13, DEX+4, Accuracy+3, Ranged Accuracy+3

Yigit Armor Set[edit]

20000 points; L72 WHM/BLM/RDM/BRD/SMN/BLU/SCH, Set: Adds "Refresh" effect

Item Slot Area Stats
Yigit Turban Head Ilrusi Atoll DEF:21, MND+4, Enmity-5, hMP+1, Magic Attack Bonus+2
Yigit Gomlek Body Periqia DEF:40, Evasion+7, Magic Attack Bonus+5, Song Spellcasting Time-10%, hMP+5
Yigit Gages Hands Mamool Ja DEF:17, INT+5, MND+5, Evasion+4, Magic Attack Bonus+2
Yigit Seraweels Legs Leujaoam Sanctum DEF:30, HP+25, MP+25, Evasion+6, hMP+2
Yigit Crackows Feet Lebros Cavern DEF:11, INT+3, MND+3, Evasion+5, Magic Attack Bonus+2

Askar Korazin Set[edit]

Nyzul Isle HNM boss treasure; L75 WAR/PLD/DRK/BST/SAM/DRG, Set: "Max HP Boost"

Item Slot Area Stats
Askar Zucchetto Head Nyzul Isle 100 DEF:23, STR+4, DEX+4, VIT+4, Haste+4%
Askar Korazin Body Nyzul Isle 80 DEF:49, STR+5, Attack+12, Evasion+12, Double Attack+2%, Store TP+5
Askar Manopolas Hands Nyzul Isle 60 DEF:23, DEX+5, Evasion+8, Enmity+4, Haste+2%
Askar Dirs Legs Nyzul Isle 40 DEF:32, HP+15, MP+15, INT+4, DEX+4, Accuracy+5, Attack+5
Askar Gambieras Feet Nyzul Isle 20 DEF:17, MP+30, STR+3, AGI+3, Damage Taken-2%, Enmity+2

Denali Jacket Set[edit]

Nyzul Isle HNM boss treasure; L75 MNK/THF/RNG/NIN/BLU/COR/DNC/RUN, Set: "Increases Accuracy"

Item Slot Area Stats
Denali Bonnet Head Nyzul Isle 100 DEF:21, AGI+4, MND+4, Attack+3, Evasion+3, Haste+4%
Denali Jacket Body Nyzul Isle 80 DEF:43, HP+25, AGI+10, Attack+9, Ranged Attack+9, Subtle Blow+3
Denali Wristbands Hands Nyzul Isle 60 DEF:17, STR+4, MND+4, Attack+6, Evasion+6, Damage Taken-2%
Denali Kecks Legs Nyzul Isle 40 DEF:35, DEX+3, AGI+3, Accuracy+3, Ranged Accuracy+3, Magic Attack Bonus+3, Magic Accuracy+3
Denali Gamashes Feet Nyzul Isle 20 DEF:15, STR+3, INT+3, MND+3, Accuracy+5, Magic Accuracy+3

Goliard Saio Set[edit]

Nyzul Isle HNM boss treasure; L75 WHM/BLM/RDM/BRD/SMN/PUP/SCH, Set: "Magic Def. Bonus"

Item Slot Area Stats
Goliard Chapeau Head Nyzul Isle 100 DEF:20, HP+20, MP+20, MND+5, CHR+5, Enmity-4, hMP+2
Goliard Saio Body Nyzul Isle 80 DEF:42, HP+42, MP+42, Conserve MP+5, Enmity-5, Haste+4%
Goliard Cuffs Hands Nyzul Isle 60 DEF:18, Accuracy+4, Attack+4, Magic Attack Bonus+4, Magic Accuracy+4
Goliard Trews Legs Nyzul Isle 40 DEF:35, MP+28, Physical Damage Taken-3%, Enmity-4
Goliard Clogs Feet Nyzul Isle 20 DEF:19, DEX+4, INT+4, MND+4, CHR+4, Evasion+5, hMP+3, Magic Accuracy+2
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