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Trust spells call forth Alter Egos of NPCs. Their primary function is to facilitate solo leveling.


  • You can call forth up to 3 Alter Egos at a time. In addition to this, you can also call your Adventuring Fellow.
    • You can call up to 4 Alter Egos after obtaining Key ItemRhapsody in White.
    • You can call up to 5 Alter Egos after obtaining Key Item Rhapsody in Crimson. (Note: If one has summoned 5 Alter Egos, and summons the Adventuring Fellow next, all Alter Egos get dismissed. One must always make sure that there's a slot for the Fellow before summoning it).
  • You can only summon one copy of each alter ego. This includes when one character has multiple versions (e.g. summoning Zeid II prevents summoning Zeid).
  • These alter egos support you in battle with the strategies and tactics you've come to expect from them.
    • Alter egos do not act except in battle, which officially starts after engaging and meleeing once. They will stop acting when you disengage.
    • If you kill a monster and auto-target another that has aggroed, some alter egos will cast spells on it, but they will not melee until you melee.
  • Trust magic can only be cast when not already involved in battle.
    • Certain instanced content will allow summoning even after initial aggro, but not after the player or another player in the party takes direct action on the monster.
  • Trusts use a wide variety of weapon skills, and will frequently attempt weapon Skill Chains, and corresponding Magic Bursts. Just like in regular parties, careful consideration of what weapon skills a trust can use will result in better performance overall. Try pairing your trusts with other trusts they can perform these high impact moves with.
    • Because information on who can chain with whom is not well documented, players are advised to do their own research and experimentation.
    • Some alter egos have synergy with other alter egos, such as Trust: Uka Totlihn and Trust: Mumor (waltz potency). You can get a clue about who possibly synergizes with who in some way if they talk to each other when summoned.
  • Trust NPCs do not affect your experience gain.
  • Trust NPCs' levels and attributes vary based upon the summoning player’s level and/or Item Level.
    • For regular levels, Trust NPCs don't automatically level with the player. They must be dismissed and resummoned to match the player's level. Item Level changes are reflected immediately, which can be problematic with gear swapping.
  • Trust NPCs are not affected by zone potions obtained in blue caskets.
  • Trust Magic does not cause magic aggro.
  • Trust Magic cannot be cast while silenced.
  • Alter Egos are dismissed if the player is Charmed.
  • Alter Egos no longer despawn when spawning Voidwatch NM, making them usable during these battles.
  • Initiation quests for the Trust initiative are available, and you learn the first spell as you progress. Additional Alter Egos can be unlocked through completing various missions and quests.
    • Some NPCs, however, can only be obtained by trading specific items to an NPC offering the initiation quest. New Trust spells will continuously be added in future version updates.
  • Trust magic is not available in all areas or types of battle content, but may be expanded in the future.

Notes on Jobs[edit]

  • Some alter egos don't conform to the job system.
    • Special alter-egos act very differently compared to players. They may also have a regular job as well.
    • Monster alter-egos are non-humanoids that use their species' special moves. They may also have a regular job as well.
    • Passive alter-egos are non-interactive NPCs that give a bonus as an aura. Most are technically Geomancers, but do not have to cast or recast. They cannot be interacted with in any way and will do nothing else but follow the leader.
  • Some alter egos have Auto Refresh, but no other indication of what subjob they possess.
  • Some alter egos have forced attribute bonuses that may make them more or less useful for certain situations. For example, Selh'teus appears to have a capped hit-rate regardless of content level, and Lillisette II has a very high crit-rate (75% on Apex Crabs) independent of content level.

Usage in Parties[edit]

  • Players can summon alter egos while in a party containing other players.
    • Only the party leader is able to summon forth alter egos.
    • Alliances cannot be formed when in a party comprised of both players and alter egos.
  • Alter egos can now be used in Level Sync parties.
  • After adding a new party member Alter Egos are automatically dismissed and there is a short lockout period before being able to re-summon them.
  • In addition, alter egos cannot be summoned for 120 seconds after being invited to a party as a temporary measure in order to prevent a separate bug from occurring.
  • Phantom Roll is affected by Trusts' main jobs, e.g. Zeid II gives a bonus to Chaos Roll.
  • Trusts DO receive food bonuses from group foods (Stewpots, etc), however, most group foods were designed for lower level parties.

Unlocking Trust[edit]

After attaining level 5, accept the tutorial quest by talking to one of the following NPCs:

Trust Permit Quests[edit]

Trust Magic[edit]

At the time of writing there are 109 alter-egos, excluding 11 that are specific to Unity Concord, and those that are available only during a certain period of time such as Cornelia and Matsui-P.

See also: Trust Checklist

Key Item Alter Egos[edit]

Alter Ego Job(s) Acquisition
Trust: Naji WAR Trust: Bastok
Trust: Ayame SAM Trust: Bastok
Trust: Volker WAR Trust: Bastok
Trust: Iron Eater WAR Trust: Bastok
Trust: Excenmille PLD Trust: San d'Oria
Trust: Curilla PLD Trust: San d'Oria
Trust: Trion PLD/WAR Trust: San d'Oria
Trust: Kupipi WHM Trust: Windurst
Trust: Nanaa Mihgo THF Trust: Windurst
Trust: Ajido-Marujido BLM/RDM Trust: Windurst
Trust: Shantotto BLM Trust: Windurst
Trust: Rainemard RDM Key ItemBundle of half-inscribed scrolls
Trust: Klara Information Needed Key ItemBundle of half-inscribed scrolls +
Bonds of Mythril
Trust: Excenmille (S) Information Needed Key ItemBundle of half-inscribed scrolls +
Face of the Future
Trust: Romaa Mihgo Information Needed Key ItemBundle of half-inscribed scrolls +
At Journey's End

Rhapsodies of Vana'diel Alter Egos[edit]

The following are rewarded over the course of the Rhapsodies of Vana'diel Missions. All come in the form of ciphers to be traded at the appropriate NPC.

Alter Ego Job(s) Acquisition
Trust: Semih Lafihna RNG/? Talk to Kupipi after completing The Path Untraveled to receive Cipher: Semih
Trust: Halver PLD/WAR Talk to Halver after completing The Path Untraveled to receive Cipher: Halver
Trust: Lion II THF/NIN Complete A Land After Time.
Trust: Zeid II DRK Complete Volto Oscuro.
Trust: Tenzen II RNGVerification Needed Complete Crashing Waves
Trust: Prishe II MNK/WHM Complete Call to Serve
Trust: Nashmeira II WHM Complete Ever Forward
Trust: Abquhbah WAR Complete President Salaheem, then talk with AbquhbahVerification Needed
Trust: Lilisette II Information Needed Complete Ganged Up On
Trust: Balamor Special (DRKVerification Needed) Complete Pretender to the Throne
Trust: Selh'teus Special (Information Needed) Complete Call of the Void
Trust: Arciela II Special (Red Mage) Complete What He Left Behind
Trust: Iroha SAM (Information Needed) Complete Nary a Cloud in Sight
Trust: Iroha II SAM + WHM (Information Needed) Complete The Orb's Radiance

Other Alter Egos[edit]

Alter Ego Job(s) Acquisition
Trust: Prishe MNK Dawn#Trust Magic and Atma Rewards
Trust: Ulmia BRD Dawn#Trust Magic and Atma Rewards
Trust: Nashmeira PUP/WHM Eternal Mercenary
Trust: Zazarg MNK Fist of the People
Trust: Gadalar BLM Embers of His Past
Trust: Gessho Monster (NIN/WAR) Passing Glory
Trust: Ingrid WHM Speak with Rigobertine in Eastern Adoulin (I-7) after completing The Merciless One. Once the mission Beauty and the Beast is undertaken, the alter ego is locked again until the mission Glimmer of Portent is flagged.
Trust: Cherukiki WHM Speak with Taillegeas in Ru'Lude Gardens (I-7) after completing Chains and Bonds. Once the mission The Warrior's Path is undertaken, the alter ego is locked again until Promathia is defeated.
Trust: Maat MNK Shattering Stars (after completing the quest on 6 different jobs, speak to Maat as one of the 15 jobs he wields)
Trust: Lilisette DNC A Forbidden Reunion
Trust: Arciela Special (RDM) The Light Within
Trust: Chacharoon Special (Information Needed) Trial of the Chacharoon
Trust: Shikaree Z DRG/WHM Talk to Perih Vashai after obtaining a Windurst Trust permit and completing Three Paths.
Trust: Rosulatia Monster (Information Needed) Possible drop from Sinister Reign.
Trust: August Special (PLD/WAR) Possible drop from Sinister Reign.
Trust: Ingrid II Information Needed Possible drop from Sinister Reign.
Trust: AAGK SAM/DRG RoE Quell Your Rage
Trust: AAEV PLD/WHM RoE Temper Your Arrogance
Trust: AAMR BST/THF RoE Stifle Your Envy
Trust: AATT BLM/DRK RoE Overcome Your Cowardice
Trust: Ygnas Monster (WHM) RoE The Arciela Directive

Unity Concord Alter Egos[edit]

After joining a Unity Concord and getting a partial evaluation of 5+ points, you gain access to your Unity leader.

Alter Ego Job(s) Acquisition
Trust: Aldo (UC) THF Be in Aldo's Unity Concord.
Trust: Apururu (UC) WHM/RDM Be in Apururu's Unity Concord.
Trust: Ayame (UC) SAM Be in Ayame's Unity Concord.
Trust: Flaviria (UC) DRG/WAR Be in Flaviria's Unity Concord.
Trust: Invincible Shield (UC) WAR/MNKVerification Needed Be in Invincible Shield's Unity Concord.
Trust: Jakoh Wahcondalo (UC) THF/WARVerification Needed Be in Jakoh Wahcondalo's Unity Concord.
Trust: Maat (UC) MNK/WAR Be in Maat's Unity Concord.
Trust: Naja Salaheem (UC) THF/WARVerification Needed Be in Naja Salaheem's Unity Concord.
Trust: Pieuje (UC) WHM Be in Pieuje's Unity Concord.
Trust: Sylvie (UC) GEO/WHM Be in Sylvie's Unity Concord.
Trust: Yoran-Oran (UC) WHM Be in Yoran-Oran's Unity Concord.

Limited Availability Alter Egos[edit]

Repeat Login Campaigns Alter Ego[edit]

Alter Ego Job(s) Cipher Method to Obtain
Trust: Zeid DRK Cipher: Zeid Mog Pell (Red) /

Login Points

Trust: Lion THF Cipher: Lion Mog Pell (Red) /

Login Points

Trust: Naja Salaheem MNK/WAR Cipher: Naja Login Points
Trust: Lehko Habhoka THF/BLM Cipher: Lehko Mog Pell (Red) / Login Points
Trust: Luzaf COR/NIN Cipher: Luzaf Login Points
Trust: Najelith RNG Cipher: Najelith Login Points
Trust: D. Shantotto BLM Cipher: D. Shantotto Login Points
Trust: Star Sibyl Passive (GEO) Cipher: Star Sibyl Mog Pell (Red) / Login Points
Trust: Uka Totlihn DNC/WAR Cipher: Uka Mog Pell (Red) / Login Points
Trust: Kuyin Hathdenna Passive (GEO) Cipher: Kuyin Login Points
Trust: Karaha-Baruha WHM/SMN Cipher: Karaha Login Points
Trust: Abenzio Monster (MNK) Cipher: Abenzio Login Points
Trust: Rughadjeen Information Needed Cipher: Rughadjeen Login Points
Trust: Areuhat Information Needed Cipher: Areuhat Login Points
Trust: Lhe Lhangavo MNK Cipher: Lhe Login Points
Trust: Mayakov DNC Cipher: Mayakov Login Points
Trust: Brygid Passive (GEO) Cipher: Brygid Login Points
Trust: Mildaurion Special Cipher: Mildaurion Login Points
Trust: Rongelouts Information Needed Cipher: Rongelouts Login Points
Trust: Robel-Akbel BLM Cipher: Robel-Akbel Login Points
Trust: Teodor Information Needed Cipher: Teodor Login Points
Trust: Darrcuiln Information Needed Cipher: Darrcuiln Login Points
Trust: Shantotto II Information Needed Cipher: Shantotto II Login Points

Alter Ego Extravaganzas[edit]

Alter Ego Job(s) Cipher Method to Obtain
Trust: Tenzen SAM Cipher: Tenzen Conquest Points
Trust: Mihli Aliapoh WHM Cipher: Mihli Objectives
Trust: Valaineral PLD/WAR Cipher: Valaineral Objectives
Trust: Joachim BRD/WHM Cipher: Joachim Objectives
Trust: Ovjang RDM/WHM Cipher: Ovjang Assault Points
Trust: Mnejing PLD/WAR Cipher: Mnejing Assault Points
Trust: Sakura Passive (GEO) Cipher: Sakura FoV Tabs
Trust: Elivira RNG/WAR Cipher: Elivira Allied Notes
Trust: Noillurie SAM/PLD Cipher: Noillurie Allied Notes
Trust: Lhu Mhakaracca BST/WAR Cipher: Lhu Allied Notes
Trust: Ferreous Coffin WHM/WAR Cipher: Ferreous Coffin Sparks of Eminence
Trust: Cid WAR Cipher: Cid Sparks of Eminence
Trust: Koru-Moru RDM Cipher: Koru-Moru FoV Tabs
Trust: Rahal PLD Cipher: Rahal Conquest Points
Trust: Kukki-Chebukki BLM Cipher: Kukki Conquest Points
Trust: Gilgamesh SAM Cipher: Gilgamesh Sparks of Eminence
Trust: Margret RNG Cipher: Margret Bayld
Trust: Adelheid SCH Cipher: Adelheid Objectives
Trust: Amchuchu RUN/WAR Cipher: Amchuchu Bayld
Trust: Qultada COR Cipher: Qultada Sparks of Eminence
Trust: Leonoyne Information Needed Cipher: Leonoyne Allied Notes
Trust: Maximilian Information Needed Cipher: Maximilian Allied Notes
Trust: Kayeel-Payeel BLM Cipher: Kayeel-Payeel Allied Notes
Trust: Makki-Chebukki Information Needed Cipher: Makki Conquest Points
Trust: Morimar Information Needed Cipher: Morimar Bayld
Trust: King of Hearts Monster (RDM/WHM) Cipher: King Sparks of Eminence

Adventurer Appreciation Campaign 2014[edit]

Alter Ego Job(s) Cipher Method to Obtain
Trust: Moogle Passive (GEO) Cipher: Moogle Mog Pell (Red)
Trust: Fablinix Monster (THF / BLM / RDM) Cipher: Fablinix Mog Pell (Red)
Trust: Aldo THF Cipher: Aldo Mog Pell (Red)

Fantastic Fraulein Mumor: Dynamic Dopplegangers[edit]

Alter Ego Job(s) Cipher Method to Obtain
Trust: Mumor DNC/WAR None Fantastic Fraulein Mumor

Sunshine Seekers[edit]

Alter Ego Job(s) Cipher Method to Obtain
Trust: Babban Monster (MNK) Cipher: Babban 300 seeds

Adventurer Appreciation Campaign 2015[edit]

Alter Ego Job(s) Cipher Method to Obtain
Trust: Moogle Passive (GEO) Cipher: Moogle Red Chest with Previous Prizes
Trust: Fablinix Monster (THF / BLM / RDM) Cipher: Fablinix Red Chest with Previous Prizes
Trust: Aldo THF Cipher: Aldo Red Chest with Previous Prizes
Trust: Kupofried Passive (Special) Cipher: Kupofried Blurple Behemoth Bashing 101: achieve Heroic rank.

Fantastic Fraulein Mumor: Curtain Call[edit]

Alter Ego Job(s) Cipher Method to Obtain
Trust: Mumor II BLM None Complete event

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