Legion is a large-scale battle system introduced in the March 2012 version update.


  • Legion is designed for high-level characters.
  • Groups of up to 36 characters level 75 or over may enter; groups with characters lower than 75 cannot enter.
    • As of the February 19, 2015 version update, the minimum number of participants for Legion has been decreased from three to one.
  • Legion takes place in Maquette Abdhaljs-Legion.

To gain access to Legion:

  • One player must first speak to Saarlan in Rolanberry Fields (J-5) to purchase a Legion tome page key item for the desired battle:
  • The purchasing member must then speak to Mayuyu in Rolanberry Fields to select the hall. Mayuyu will give the player either one or two Legion Passes depending on the capacity set for the fight. If the player is not the alliance leader, they must trade the pass to the leader of their alliance, and the second pass to the second alliance leader if applicable.
  • The Legion pass is valid for 5 minutes and will transport the entire alliance to the lobby when traded to the Legion Tome. Once in the lobby, players are transferred to the Hall after a certain amount of time or by examining the "Legion Portal".


Maquette Abdhaljs-Legion is split up into four "Halls" along with the "ultimate challenge." You receive a trophy and a title for completing each hall. The trophy must be traded by a leader to Mayuyu to receive a key item corresponding to the trophy. Once the leader possesses all four key items, they may take their group into the "ultimate challenge."

Hall of An Hall of Ki Hall of Im Hall of Muru
Subjugator of the Lofty
Lofty Trophy
Key ItemVictory Medal: Skies
Subjugator of the Mired
Mired Trophy
Key ItemVictory Medal: Earth
Subjugator of the Soaring
Soaring Trophy
Key ItemVictory Medal: Winds
Subjugator of the Veiled
Veiled Trophy
Key ItemVictory Medal: Clouds
Lofty Behemoth Mired Cerberus Soaring Corse Veiled Amphiptere
Lofty Wyrm Mired Khimaira Soaring Dvergr Veiled Ixion
Lofty Adamantoise Mired Hydra Soaring Vampyr Veiled Sandworm
Lofty Elasmoth Mired Orthrus Soaring Kumakatok Veiled Sanguiptere
Lofty Zilant Mired Khrysokhimaira Soaring Dweorg Veiled Alicorn
Lofty Ferromantoise Mired Alfard Soaring Strigoi Veiled Gigaworm
Lofty Harpeia Mired Mantis Soaring Naraka Veiled Ironclad
Hall of Mul
Lofty Harpeia
Mired Mantis
Soaring Naraka
Veiled Iron Giant
Paramount Gallu
Paramount Botulus
Paramount Avatar
Paramount Harpeia
Paramount Mantis
Paramount Ironclad
Paramount Naraka


  • The group is teleported into a small room to prepare. You have up to 5 minutes in here before you are transported to a bigger room where 3 HNM bosses spawn. When one monster is attacked, they all attack the group inside. Monsters have access to high-level spells, including tier IV -ga spells, -ja spells, and Meteor.
  • Monster combinations seem random. Observed combinations have been:
  • Monsters continue to attack anyone alive in the alliance until all members with hate are dead, or until all are defeated. Many moves that do not usually do so reset hate in Legion. Monsters do not regen when left alone. If you reraise while someone with hate is still alive, or any action is performed on the monsters while you are alive, you gain enmity.
  • Upon a wipe players are ejected from the battlefield in 3 minutes but are granted reraise on exit. Experience points may be lost. Players are ejected into the antechamber, Since last update, you can re-enter after being ejected after a wipe.


  • Items can drop from each monster slain. All players in the room may lot on gear. Additionally, players receive Legion Points for each monster defeated. Legion points start at 10 points per monster (100 points for Hall of Mul). The quality of the item drops and the quantity of Legion Points increases for each monster defeated.
  • Players can use their Legion Points to obtain items from Saarlan.


  • In the December 2012 update, enemies' HP have been reduced.

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