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[[{{SUBST:Saarlan}}|   ]]
[[{{SUBST:Saarlan}}|   ]]
Gender: Male
Race: Hume
Affiliation: Jeuno
Occupation: Legion-NPC
[[{{SUBST:Saarlan}}|   ]]
[[{{SUBST:Saarlan}}|   ]]
Type: Legion-NPC
Location: Rolanberry Fields (J-5)

Involved in Quests:



Key Items
Name Price (Gil)
Legion tome page: minimus 180,000
Legion tome page: maximus 360,000

Access to more items is gained as titles are acquired from the various chambers.

Legion Point Items
Item Name Points Title Needed
Gaiardas Ring 1,000
Gaubious Ring 1,000
Caloussu Ring 1,000
Nanger Ring 1,000
Sophia Ring 1,000
Quies Ring 1,000
Cynosure Ring 1,000
Ambuscade Ring 1,000
Veneficium Ring 1,000
Calma Gauntlets 3,000 "Subjugator of the Mired"
Magavan Mitts 3,000 "Subjugator of the Mired"
Mustela Gloves 3,000 "Subjugator of the Mired"
Saviesa Pearl 3,000 "Subjugator of the Mired"
Calma Leggings 3,000 "Subjugator of the Veiled"
Mustela boots 3,000 "Subjugator of the Veiled"
Magavan Clogs 3,000 "Subjugator of the Veiled"
Cytherea Pearl 3,000 "Subjugator of the Veiled"
Myrddin Pearl 3,000 "Subjugator of the Veiled"
Puissant Pearl 3,000 "Subjugator of the Veiled"
Calma Hose 4,500 "Subjugator of the Soaring"
Mustela Brais 4,500 "Subjugator of the Soaring"
Magavan Slops 4,500 "Subjugator of the Soaring"
Ouesk Pearl 3,000 "Subjugator of the Soaring"
Belatz Pearl 3,000 "Subjugator of the Soaring"
Calma Armet 4,500 "Subjugator of the Lofty"
Mustela Mask 4,500 "Subjugator of the Lofty"
Magavan Beret 4,500 "Subjugator of the Lofty"
Corybant Pearl 3,000 "Subjugator of the Lofty"
Calma Breastplate 10,000 "Legendary Legionnaire"
Mustela Harness 10,000 "Legendary Legionnaire"
Magavan Frock 10,000 "Legendary Legionnaire"
Dhanurveda Ring 6,000 "Legendary Legionnaire"
Provocare Ring 6,000 "Legendary Legionnaire"
Mediator's Ring 6,000 "Legendary Legionnaire"
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