Besieged/Items with Besieged Bonuses

Item Besieged Stats   Item Besieged Stats
Corsair's Scimitar Attack+10 Ranged Attack+10   Volunteer's Khud "Cure" potency +5%
Mercenary's Turban Enhances "Sharpshot" effect   Beast Bazubands Enhances "Call Beast" effect
Mercenary's Dastanas Increases "Rapid Shot" activation rate   Evoker's Gages Leviathan perpetuation cost -2
Mercenary's Trousers Enmity-10 Magic Accuracy+10   Volunteer's Brais MP+100
Mercenary's Subligar "Counter"+5   Mercenary's Boots Attack+10
Volunteer's Nails Song recast delay -4   Volunteer's Belt "Conserve MP"+5
Mercenary's Mantle Haste+3%   Volunteer's Earring Adds "Recycle" effect
Volunteer's Ring MP recovered while healing +5   Mercenary's Ring Physical damage taken -5%
Imperial Dart HP Regeneration While Healing +2, MP Regeneration While Healing +2   Mercenary's Dart INT +3, MND +3, CHR +3
Volunteer's Dart Attack +10   Shark Gun Ranged Attack +5
Singh Kilij HP +20   Puppet Claws Accuracy +6
Trooper's Ring VIT +10   Sneaking Boots Evasion +8
Sentinel Shield Haste +2%   Ryumon Attack +3.75% with utsusemi active.
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