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Mamool Ja Staging Point

Mamool Ja Staging Point is the Staging Point for Assault missions in Mamool Ja Training Grounds.
It is located at Bhaflau Thickets (2nd map) H-11.


To get there from Al Zahbi

  • Rent a Chocobo from Al Zahbi. This will place you in Wajaom Woodlands. Travel west then south until you reach a cave at D-12. Dismount and enter Mamook.
  • Go down the tunnel after using Sneak and Invisible.
  • Follow the left wall until you come to a drop, but don't drop until you have sneak and invis on.
  • There is a True Sight Mamool Ja Treasurer down below. Don't drop down until it has turned away. Once you drop, run to the middle of the tunnel.
  • Once inside the tunnel watch the rotation of NMs so you can go to the left of them as well as behind their back.
  • Cross the room to the other side, and go up the ramp at the border of H-9 and I-9.
  • Head west across the small bridge, then turn south to enter the cave at H-10.
  • From H-10, head North, West, North, West, South, East, South, West get to G-10 which leads to Bhaflau Thickets, exit here. Be very careful not to drop down ledges, or you will have to take a long detour around to get back on the ledges.
    • Be aware that a Mamool Ja Lurker (True Sight aggro) has been added to this section.
  • Or follow this marked route through Mamook:
0112 mamook 1.jpg
  • You will be on the southern half of the second map of Bhaflau Thickets. Head south to H-11. Be sure not to aggro Skoffin as they detect by Sight, and puks are sight and sound.
  • Enter Staging Point through the Heavy Iron Gate.

Mamool Ja Training Grounds[edit]

Staging Point: Mamool Ja Staging Point in Bhaflau Thickets (map 2 H-11)
Assault Mission Giver: Isdebaaq in Aht Urhgan Whitegate L-9/10
Fireflies: Bhaflau Fireflies


Name Rank Recommended Level Party Size Points Objective Description
Imperial Agent Rescue PSC 60 3-6 1100 Rescue the agent An agent sent to spy on the secret training grounds of the Mamool Ja has been captured. Rescue him before he is interrogated for Imperial secrets.
Preemptive Strike PFC 60 3-6 1000 Destroy the assassins A unit of Mamool Ja soldiers is training in assassination techniques. Destroy them before they can become a threat to the Empress.
Sagelord Elimination SP 70 3-6 1200 Defeat Sagelord Molaal Ja Sagelord Molaal Ja is visiting the training grounds to oversee the progress of the soldiers. His elimination would sow chaos and confusion in the Mamool Ja ranks.
Breaking Morale LC 60 3-6 1333 (max) Steal the supplies Scouts report that the new Mamool Ja soldiers have received supplies from their families. Destroy Mamool Ja morale by stealing these supplies while being careful to remain undetected.
The Double Agent C 70 3-6 1200 (max) Apprehend the spy There is a double agent among the Imperial Qiqirn spies in the Mamool Ja Training Grounds. Find him before he puts the other spies in danger.
Imperial Treasure Retrieval S 50 3-6 Recover the treasure A puk recently stole a treasure box containing enchanted gems from the royal treasury. The gems were then given to Mamool Ja officers as a reward for duty. Find and retrieve the treasure.
Blitzkrieg SM 70 3-6 1533(max?) Annihilate the enemy After shedding their skins, the Mamool Ja gather for a festival to celebrate their new scales and dance until exhausted. This is a prime opportunity to catch them off guard!
Marids in the Mist CS 70 3-6 Neutralize the marids Our agents have informed us that the Mamool Ja have been training marids to use during sieges on the Empire. You are to locate these deadly beasts and capture or eliminate them before it's too late.
Azure Ailments SL 70 3-6 ? Gather pathological data To protect against an outbreak of the dreaded kraken flu, data is required on the effects of the disease. Healthy volunteers are wanted to travel to the Mamool Ja Training Grounds and collect important supplies.
The Susanoo Shuffle FL 70 3-6 1500 (always) Defeat Orochi In an attempt to strengthen their bonds with the Mamool Ja, an eastern nation has provided the beastmen with a new biologically engineered hydra hybrid known as Orochi. You are to infiltrate the training grounds and eliminate the new threat
The Gathering Storm 75 3-6 Eliminate as many enemies as you can Eliminate as many enemies as you can in 5 minutes.


Item Assault Pts Item Assault Pts Item Assault Pts Item Assault Pts
 Antivenom Earring 3,000  Ebullient Ring 5,000  Enlightened Chain 8,000  Spectral Belt 10,000
 Bullseye Cape 10,000  Storm Tulwar 15,000  Imperial Neza 15,000  Storm Tabar 15,000
 Yigit Gages 20,000  Amir Boots 20,000  Pahluwan Seraweels 20,000
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