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SP Wildcat Badge

SP Wildcat Badge.jpg
SP Wildcat Badge
A bronze Superior Private
mercenary badge from "Salaheem's
Sentinels." Three scintillant moat
carps are emblazoned in its center.
Used In Mission:
This badge indicates that your Mercenary Rank is Superior Private.

Assault Missions[edit]

This rank grants access to the following assaults.

Name Assault Area Recommended Level Party Size Points Objective Description
Escort Professor Chanoix Leujaoam Sanctum 60 3-6 1100 Protect the professor A long-haired marid has been found frozen in the eternal ice of Leujaoam Sanctum. Escort Professor Clavauert B Chanoix to the site of the discovery.
Sagelord Elimination Mamool Ja Training Grounds 70 3-6 1200 Defeat Sagelord Molaal Ja Sagelord Molaal Ja is visiting the training grounds to oversee the progress of the soldiers. His elimination would sow chaos and confusion in the Mamool Ja ranks.
Troll Fugitives Lebros Cavern 70 3-6 1000 Destroy the Troll fugitives The remnants of a Troll army that clashed with Imperial forces has taken refuge within Lebros Cavern. Hunt down the fugitives and prevent them from regrouping.
Saving Private Ryaaf Periqia 70 3-6 1100 Find the survivors A squad sent in to search for the Seagull Phratrie hideout has failed to report. Find any survivors, especially one Private Ryaaf, a relative of the Galeserpent General.
Extermination Ilrusi Atoll 70 3-6 1100 Exterminate all monsters The vermin feasting on the corpses left behind by the Lamiae have multiplied to unnatural numbers. Destroy this threat to the surrounding ecology.
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