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S Wildcat Badge

S wildcat badge.PNG
S Wildcat Badge
A silver Sergeant mercenary
badge from "Salaheem's Sentinels."
Three scintillant moat carps are
emblazoned in its center.
Used In Mission:
This badge indicates that your Mercenary Rank is Sergeant.

Assault Missions[edit]

This rank grants access to the following assaults.

Name Assault Area Recommended Level Party Size Points Objective Description
Supplies Recovery Leujaoam Sanctum 70 3-6 1000 Retrieve the supplies A logistics unit headed to the front lines of the war with the Far East was attacked and their supplies were stolen. The enemy then fled toward Leujaoam Sanctum. An Immortals unit will also join in the recovery.
Imperial Treasure Retrieval Mamool Ja Training Grounds 50 3-6 Recover the treasure A puk recently stole a treasure box containing enchanted gems from the royal treasury. The gems were then given to Mamool Ja officers as a reward for duty. Find and retrieve the treasure.
Apkallu Breeding Lebros Cavern 60 3-6 1300(max) Match the apkallu Due to their intelligence and ability to travel through both water and on land, the rare Lebros Apkallu is prized by the navy as a messenger bird. Help increase their numbers by pairing them up.
Stop the Bloodshed Periqia 50 3-6 1000 Exterminate the chigoes The Lamiae are preparing to release swarms of chigoes in Al Zahbi to collect blood samples. Destroy the chigoes and thwart their plan.
Apkallu Seizure Ilrusi Atoll 60 3-6 Capture the apkallu Famous biologist Professor Clavauert is researching apkallu on Ilrusi Atoll. The more discoveries he makes in Aht Urhgan, the more likely he is to join the Empire. Assist him by capturing apkallu.
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