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PFC Wildcat Badge

PFC Wildcat badge.jpg
PFC Wildcat Badge
A bronze Private First Class
mercenary badge from "Salaheem's
Sentinels." Two scintillant moat carps
are emblazoned in its center.
Used In Mission:
This badge indicates that your Mercenary Rank is Private First Class.

Assault Missions[edit]

This rank grants access to the following assaults.

Name Assault Area Recommended Level Party Size Points Objective Description
Orichalcum Survey Leujaoam Sanctum 50 3-6 1200 Discover orichalcum ore There is a rumor that orichalcum ore has been discovered in Leujaoam Sanctum. Find the ore vein before the beastmen do.
Preemptive Strike Mamool Ja Training Grounds 60 3-6 1000 Destroy the assassins A unit of Mamool Ja soldiers is training in assassination techniques. Destroy them before they can become a threat to the Empress.
Lebros Supplies Lebros Cavern 60 3-6 1200 Deliver the provisions An advance unit sent into Lebros Cavern has met heavy resistance and is in need of reprovisioning. Your mission is to deliver rations to each member of the advance unit.
Requiem Periqia 70 3-6 1000 Destroy the undead An Immortal has reported the existence of a large force of undead soldiers. Destroy these undead minions before they can organize an attack on the Empire.
Lamia No.13 Ilrusi Atoll 70 3-6 1200 Eliminate Lamia No.13 Your mission is to hunt down Lamia No.13, a fearsome creature known to have performed vile experiments on the countless corpses of her enemies.
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