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SL Wildcat Badge

SL Wildcat Badge.png
SL Wildcat Badge
A gold Second Lieutenant mercenary
badge from "Salaheem's Sentinels."
A scintillant tuna is emblazoned
in its center.
Used In Mission:
This badge indicates that your Mercenary Rank is Second Lieutenant.

Assault Missions[edit]

This rank grants access to the following assaults.

Name Assault Area Recommended Level Party Size Points Objective Description
Red Versus Blue Leujaoam Sanctum 70 3-6 1666 Defeat Raubahn Joint battle exercises are to be carried out between the Immortals (blue) and the Inexorables (red). You have been assigned to assist the red team. The first side to defeat the leader of the other will be declared victor.
Azure Ailments Mamool Ja Training Grounds 70 3-6 ? Gather pathological data To protect against an outbreak of the dreaded kraken flu, data is required on the effects of the disease. Healthy volunteers are wanted to travel to the Mamool Ja Training Grounds and collect important supplies.
Operation: Black Pearl Lebros Cavern 70 3-6 ? Rescue Princess Kadjaya A ship carrying Princess Kadjaya of the Imperial family back from a diplomatic mission to the West has run aground near the Lebros Cavern. You are to find the survivors and escort them to safety.
Wake the Puppet Periqia 70 3-6 ? Retrieve the Mark-IIs During a previous mission to eradicate the Undead Swarm presence from Periqia, the Imperial forces were forced to abandon several Mark-II automatons upon their retreat. You are to infiltrate the area, locate the machines, and aid in their return to Al Zahbi.
Desperately Seeking Cephalopods Ilrusi Atoll 70 3-6 1000 Collect ahtapot To increase production of special nighttime camouflage, the Imperial marines require large quantities of a secretion from a rare cephalopod known as the ahtapot, found in the Ilrusi Atoll.
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