Attack vs. Defense

The stat that reduces the damage from a melee attack. Damage taken is related to the attacker's attack value vs. the defender's Defense value.

A character's defense is a sum of various factors, including their main job level, their current VIT score (at a ratio of two points of VIT to one point of defense), all currently equipped gear, food, the trait Defense Bonus, and spell effects such as Protect or Knight's Minne.

Base defense (Defense before gear/spells/abilities/traits) is calculated using the following formula:

Level ≤ 50
Base Defense = ([VIT/2] + 8 + Level)
50 ≤ Level ≤ 60
Base Defense = ([VIT/2] + 8 + Level + (Level-50))
Level ≥ 60
Base Defense = ([VIT/2] + 8 + Level + 10)

From Studio Gobli[edit]

Mob defense and evasion (2006-04-12)[edit]

  • Mob defense: [f(level,family defense rank) + 8 + (VIT/2) + job traits] * family multiplier
  • Mob evasion: f(level,main job evasion skill rank) + (AGI/2) + job traits
  • Function f:
Rank Level 1-50 Level 51+
A 6+[(Lv-1)*3.0] 153+[(Lv-50)*5.0]?
B 5+[(Lv-1)*2.9] 147+[(Lv-50)*4.9]?
C 5+[(Lv-1)*2.8] 142+[(Lv-50)*4.8]
D 4+[(Lv-1)*2.7] 136+[(Lv-50)*4.7]?
E 4+[(Lv-1)*2.5] 126+[(Lv-50)*4.5]

Verifying these formulas, edited previous version to reflect current state of verification

  • Levels below 1 use the Level 1 calculation.
  • Most mob families have a defense rank of C.
    • Crawlers have a defense rank of E.
    • Roc have a defense rank of B.
  • Most mob families have a defense multiplier of 1.0.
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