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These large, caterpillar-like vermin are a common sight to the adventurers of Vana'diel, having adapted to a large number of vastly different climates. Crawlers are found just as commonly in dark caves such as the Maze of Shakhrami as they are in the temperate meadows of Rolanberry Fields, where they feast upon the lush vegetation and Rolanberries. They can be found at home in the arid terrain of Tahrongi Canyon as well as the wet jungles of Elshimo Island. Even the beastmen-created settlement of Castle Oztroja and the Tonberry-populated Temple of Uggalepih are home to these vermin. The species of crawler known as Eruca have even evolved to survive in the volcanic regions of Halvung and Mount Zhayolm.

The main variety of Crawler encountered by adventurers is yellow and black in color. Eruca, with red and black coloring can be found in certain regions on the Aradjiah continent, these Crawlers have special attributes not native to standard Crawlers. They sleep during the night and also regain TP during Firesday. Defoliators, with green and black coloring can only be found in a handfull of areas, including The Boyahda Tree, Aydeewa Subterrane and The Temple of Uggalepih. They share the abilities of standard Crawlers. The only common elemental weakness in the Crawler family is weakness to Dark Magic.

Family Information
Type: Vermin
Subfamilies: Eruca, Defoliator
Common Behavior: L, H, Sc
Uncommon Behavior: A
Weak against: Resist Vs. Dark Resist Vs. Ice
Charmable: Able to be charmed
Pankration: Able to be captured
Aspir: Eks.gif
Drain: Susceptible to Drain
Notes: Low Defense (E rank)

Special Attacks[edit]

Special Abilities Original and Zilart Areas Promathia Areas Aht Urhgan Areas Wings of the Goddess Areas Pankration
Cocoon: Self-target Defense Boost. (+100% Defense.) CheckCheck.gif CheckCheck.gif CheckCheck.gif CheckCheck.gif CheckCheck.gif
Sticky Thread: Cone Attack Slow. CheckCheck.gif CheckCheck.gif CheckCheck.gif CheckCheck.gif Unknown
Poison Breath: Cone Attack Poison. Not used by Eruca. CheckCheck.gif CheckCheck.gif CheckCheck.gif CheckCheck.gif Unknown
Incinerate: Cone Attack fire damage; only used by Eruca. XEks.gif XEks.gif CheckCheck.gif XEks.gif Unknown
Note: Notorious Monsters in this family may use all of the above and/or additional unique special abilities.

Notorious Monsters in Family[edit]

Name Spawn Information Level Zone Notable Drop(s)
Aroma Crawler Forced Spawn during your RSE week by clicking on a ??? 44-48 Maze of Shakhrami Balm Sachet
Millefleurs Sachet
Olibanum Sachet
Attar Sachet
Sweet Sachet
Civet Sachet
Musk Sachet
Awd Goggie Forced Spawn by trading a Rolanberry 864 to the basket at (E-7) on the second map 68 Crawlers' Nest Royal Jelly
Blazing Eruca Forced Spawn by trading an Eruca Egg to a ??? at (J-10) Unknown Abyssea - Attohwa Vihuela
Bale Seal: Head
Iga Seal: Head
Goetia Seal: Head
Cirque Seal: Head
Key ItemBulbous Crawler Cocoon
Drone Crawler Forced Spawn by trading a Rolanberry 881 to the basket at (H-7) on the second map 50 Crawlers' Nest Rolanberry 874
Energetic Eruca Lottery Spawn from the Magmatic Erucas from (H-9) to (I-10) 80 Mount Zhayolm Hanzo Tekko
Astral Staff
Guardian Crawler Forced Spawn by trading a Rolanberry to the basket at (J-9) on the first map 45 Crawlers' Nest Rolanberry 881
Habetrot Forced Spawn by trading 12 La Theine Cabbages to the ??? at (I-6) 57-59 Temple of Uggalepih Twincoon
Herbage Hunter Lottery Spawn from the Canyon Crawlers at (G-5) ~28 Tahrongi Canyon Precision Bandana
Matron Crawler Forced Spawn by trading a Rolanberry 874 to the basket at (F-7) on the first map 64 Crawlers' Nest Rolanberry 864
Queen Crawler Forced Spawn by trading a Rolanberry 874 to the basket at (D-7) on the third map 64 Crawlers' Nest Rolanberry 864
Ravenous Crawler Spawns at (F-8) or (G-9) 50 Rolanberry Fields Survivor Earring
Spiny Spipi Lottery Spawn from Crawlers around (I-7) to (J-7) every 90 minutes 9-10 East Sarutabaruta Mist Silk Cape
Pascerpot Forced Spawn with a Crawler Floatstone at the ??? located at (G-12) Unknown Abyssea - Vunkerl

Quest NMs: Dreadbug, Silk Caterpillar

Mission NMs: Crimson Eruca

Battlefield NMs: Bitoso (BCNM), Cap Chomper (ANNM)

Limbus NMs: Arboricole Crawler

Besieged NMs: Flame Eruca

Delve NMs: Fugacious Eruca

Other NMs: Bolster (Fields of Valor), Iyamoopo (MMM)

Monsters in Family[edit]

Name Level Zone
Crawler 3 - 6 East Sarutabaruta
3 - 8 West Sarutabaruta
18 - 21 West Sarutabaruta (S)
Canyon Crawler 11 - 13 Tahrongi Canyon
Carnivorous Crawler 20 - 23 Buburimu Peninsula
20 - 23 Pashhow Marshlands
22 - 25 Maze of Shakhrami
Caterpillar 22 - 25 Beadeaux
Berry Grub 25 - 28 Rolanberry Fields
42 - 52 Rolanberry Fields (S)
Caterchipillar 29 - 31 Maze of Shakhrami
Meat Maggot 29 - 31 Castle Oztroja
Larva 35 - 38 Beadeaux
Soldier Crawler 37 - 41 Yuhtunga Jungle
47- 49 Crawlers' Nest
Worker Crawler 40 - 44 Crawlers' Nest
43 - 46 Yhoator Jungle
60 - 63 Rolanberry Fields (S)
Goblin's Crawler 52 - 54 Rolanberry Fields (S)
Rumble Crawler 53 - 55 Crawler's Nest
53- 56 Temple of Uggalepih
Eschan Crawler 50 - 59 Escha - Zi'Tah
Knight Crawler 60- 63 Crawlers' Nest
62 - 67 The Boyahda Tree
Defoliator 68 - 73 Aydeewa Subterrane
Processionaire 69 - 71 Crawlers' Nest (S)
72 - 75 The Boyahda Tree
Carmine Eruca 70 Wajaom Woodlands
Unknown Nyzul Isle (layout 5)
Magmatic Eruca 71 - 75 Halvung
71 - 75 Mount Zhayolm
Date Eruca 72 - 74 Bhaflau Thickets
Nightmare Crawler Unknown Dynamis - Buburimu
Devegetator Unknown Abyssea - Vunkerl
Ignis Eruca Unknown Abyssea - Attohwa
Crypterpillar 86 - 88 Maze of Shakhrami
Scoriaceous Eruca 86 - 88 Verification Needed Mount Zhayolm
Deforester 88 - 89 Verification Needed Aydeewa Subterrane
Champion Crawler 93 - 94 Rolanberry Fields (S)
King Crawler 90 - 93 Verification Needed Crawlers' Nest
Conflagrant Eruca 101 - 102 Moh Gates
Felsic Eruca 102 - 103 Morimar Basalt Fields
Mourning Crawler 103 - 105 The Boyahda Tree
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