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Abbreviation: VIT

Vitality is a stat that is compared with an attacker's strength to determine the damage curve and reduces the maximum amount of damage that a character takes from a blow. Tanks, primarily Paladins, raise VIT in order to live longer and make a White Mage's job easier.

For every two points of Vitality, a character's defense stat is raised by one point.

Associated with the Element of Earth. Many items that are Earth-based add VIT to a player's Stats, such as Titan's Cudgel

  • Note: a large amount of Vitality can also increase the potency of cure spells.

"Ex: Koenig Schaller +10 VIT also has the same added potency as Valor Coronet's +10 Healing Magic Skill and has been tested accordingly; both results were of the same potency"- This was not accurate by 1 point of potency, +X vit has a higher effect than +X healing magic skill at this and higher scales.

  • It has also been tested that VIT is a hidden modifier for the new magic shield effect on the Paladin job ability Rampart. The currently accepted formula seems to be: VIT*2 equals the amount of damage absorbed by magic stoneskin.
  • VIT also affects the damage of Jump.
  • VIT also affects the curative potency of Chakra.
  • VIT of the target of "Curing Waltz" enhances its potency the higher it is.

Ex: A Paladin with +vit gear will recover more HP than a BLM from "Curing Waltz" .

Breakdown of Level 1 and 75 Vitality Stats by Race and Job Sorted Highest to Lowest[edit]

Based off Monk Vitality score

Galka: 10 ; 70

Elvaan: 9 ; 66

Hume: 8 ; 63

Mithra: 8 ; 60

Tarutaru: 8 ; 60

Level 1 stats taken from FFXI official strategy guide, spring 2004 version.
Level 75 stats gathered from and do not include stat bonuses from sub jobs

VIT Rankings Based on Job[edit]

1. (Tied) Monk, Paladin
3. (Tied) Dark Knight, Dragoon, Ninja, Samurai
7. (Tied) Bard, Beastmaster, Blue Mage, Puppetmaster, Ranger, Rune Fencer, Thief, Warrior, White Mage
16. (Tied) Corsair, Dancer, Red Mage, Scholar
20. Black Mage
21. Summoner

This article uses material from the "Vitality" article on FFXIclopedia and is licensed under the CC-BY-SA License.