The Galka are a hulking race of powerful warriors. The Galka's capital city, located in the Altepa desert of Zepwell Island in the southwest corner of the Quon continent, fell to an attack from giant ant creatures six hundred years ago. The surviving Galka spread throughout Vana'diel, and a large number of them eventually settled in Bastok. The sheer strength of their powerful physiques is second to none. They have used their skills to contribute to the construction and development of the numerous mines in Bastok. However, it seems that some Galka have less than fond feelings for members of the Hume race.

The Mighty Galka[edit]

The Galka are the second most physically powerful out of the playable races of Vanadiel, but are the most physically durable. They originated from the Altepa Desert of Zepwell Island, but their capital was destroyed by a race of ant-like beastmen six hundred years ago in a war against the Galkan race. What remained of the Galka were forced to take refuge in other parts of Vana'diel, with the majority moving to Bastok. Unfortunately for the Galka who moved to Bastok, the Humes that lived there decided to take advantage of their new neighbors' great strength. Many of the Bastokan Galka are now members of the Bastokan Military, or its mining force.

As they are all male, Galka reproduce through a form of reincarnation. It is told that "When a Galka senses his death, he sets out on a journey to climb a high mountain and await his final moments. There, guided by a magnificent light, he gains a new body, and with that body climbs down from the mountain. However no one has ever seen this miracle take place. It may just be simple folklore. All we Galka see is one of our brothers setting off on a journey. Then, less than a year later, a new Galka child arrives in our camps." (Zeid)

It is not widely known what method, if any, the Galkan race has for dealing with decreases in number due to violent death or illness.

Face Type Distribution[edit]

Face Type Distribution as of 5/08

Regarding Food and Race[edit]

Only Mithra and Galka have the unique ability to eat raw foods. Galka can eat raw meat such as Hare Meat or Giant Sheep Meat, and Mithra can eat raw fish like Moat Carp or Bastore Bream. Click here for a complete list of raw food and its effect.

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