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Consumes all MP. Has a chance to knock out the target. If Death fails to knock out the target, it will instead deal darkness damage. Ineffective against undead.


Spell cost: All remaining MP
Spell element: Dark
Magic skill: Dark Magic


Casting Time: ~4 secondsVerification Needed
Recast Time: 180 seconds

How to Obtain[edit]


  • Odds of instant kill appear to be extremely low. Whether or not it's proportional to MP or affected by Magic Accuracy is unknown.Verification Needed
    • Chance of instant kill might increase with magic burst.Verification Needed
    • Presumably doesn't work on Notorious Monsters, although in the long, varied history of the game, maybe a few aren't flagged correctly.
    • Instant kill cannot activate on Undead. Despite how the description is worded, they will still take damage (although most Undead are dark-resistant).

Enemy Version Notes[edit]

When cast by enemies, Death is a Dark Magic spell that inflicts instant K.O. on the target. It does not deal darkness damage if it fails. It differs from the Doom status effect, which allows a short window of time to remove the effect before K.O. is inflicted. In either case, standard EXP loss is still incurred for being K.O.'d by these effects.

In most cases of monsters that use this spell, it has perfect accuracy on players unless they have equipment or a status boost with Death resistance (or possibly general status effect resistanceVerification Needed). The Death spell cannot be blocked by "shadow images" such as those provided by Utsusemi or Blink, like most other offensive single-target magic can.

Death has a standard casting time of approximately 5 seconds. It is possible (and common) for certain enemies to cast it faster due to the influence of things like Fast Cast or Chainspell. Once Death begins casting, the only surefire ways to avoid K.O. are to interrupt the enemy casting it or get out of the caster's range before it finishes casting.

The following monsters cast Death:

Death as a Status Effect[edit]

Death as a status effect refers exclusively to the instant knockout. The following monster abilities can inflict Death:

The following player abilities can inflict Death:

The following have a chance to inflict Death on their attacksInformation Needed:

Death is affected by the following equipment and status effects:

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