Summons Odin to fight by your side.


Spell cost: 0 MP
Spell element: Darkness
Magic skill: Summoning Magic
Jobs: Summoner Level 75


Casting Time:1 second
Recast Time: 1 Minute


  • When summoned, Odin automatically uses Zantetsuken on the target enemy, attempting to instantly KO all targets within area of effect.
    • Area of effect is a thin cone.
    • After the attack, he lingers shortly and then vanishes.
  • Accuracy is modified by the summoner's current MP percentage (100% MP = 100% accuracy against a single target), and is sharply reduced by the number of targets in Zantetsuken's area of affect.
    • MP percentage is what matters; not the amount of MP. For example, Zantetsuken is more accurate when used at 900/900 MP than if used with 1999/2000 MP.
    • Accuracy is not affected by the targets' or user's level.
  • When summoned against NMs, Odin deals darkness damage rather than attempting instant KO.
  • Summoning Odin targets an enemy, not the summoner; he functions much like offensive magic.
    • Damage to NMs caps at 9999 or 10-20% of their current HP, whichever is lower. However, percentage damage multipliers are applied after this calculation. This is why damage may exceed 9999.
    • Damage still depends on current MP percentage at time of summoning.
    • Some NMs easily resist the damage.
  • Astral Flow must be active to summon Odin. Astral Flow is cancelled after Odin uses Zantetsuken.
  • Astral Flow is NOT cancelled if Odin is unable to use Zantetsuken for any reason. In this case, Odin may be summoned again (1 minute recast) as long as Astral Flow remains active.
  • Appears to have roughly ~8,000 HP.

When Summoned, Odin performs Zantetsuken on the target and disappears:

Level MP Description Comment
Zantetsuken 75 Consumes all of caster's MP Uses all MP and inflicts Death on targets within range. Notorious Monsters are hit for damage based on the summoner's current MP %. The accuracy of this ability is dependent on the number of targets within range.

Available only while Astral Flow is active.

How To Obtain[edit]


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