Ice Spirit

Ice Spirit Pact[edit]

Ice Spirit Pact

Teaches the summoning magic Ice Spirit.


Ice Spirit[edit]

Ice Spirit
Summons an Ice Spirit to fight by your side.

Spell cost: 10 MP
Spell element: Ice
Magic skill: Summoning Magic
Casting Time: 1 second
Recast Time: 10 seconds

Other Uses[edit]

Resale Price: ~100 gil

List of Spells[edit]

Spell Summoner Job Level
Paralyze 4
Bind 7
Blizzard 17
Frost 22
Blizzard II 42
Freeze 50
Blizzard III 64
Blizzard IV 74
Blizzard V 89

Perpetuation Cost[edit]

Levels Perpetuation Cost
1-18 1 mp/tick
19-24 2 mp/tick
25-37 1 mp/tick
38-56 2 mp/tick
57-74 3 mp/tick
75-80 4 mp/tick
81-89 5 mp/tick
90 4 mp/tick
91-99 5 mp/tick
*The values listed assume that Auto Refresh is in effect.

Spirit Spell Casting Time[edit]

Summoning Skill affects the length of time it will take for spirits to cast spells.

The formula for Spirits' casting time in seconds is:

Casting Time = 48 + (max Summoning Skill - current Summoning Skill) / 3
  • If Spirit is cast on corresponding day: -3 seconds
  • If Spirit is cast on weak day: +3 seconds
  • If Spirit is cast during corresponding weather: -2 seconds
  • If Spirit is cast during weak weather: +2 seconds
  • If using Summoner's Spats: -5 seconds
  • If using Astral Flow: -5 seconds
  • Light Spirit in healing mode or buffing mode: 1/2 Casting Time

How to Obtain[edit]

Auction House Category: Scrolls > Summoning ( )

Dropped From[edit]

Name Level Zone
Demon Warlock 50-52 Castle Zvahl Baileys
50-52 Xarcabard
52-56 Castle Zvahl Keep
Demon Magistrate 57-59 Castle Zvahl Baileys
Abyssal Demon 64-67 Castle Zvahl Baileys
Stygian Demon 71-73 Castle Zvahl Baileys
73-76 Uleguerand Range
Demon Justiciar 80-81 Xarcabard (S)
Adjudicator Demon 82 Xarcabard (S)

Possible Union drop from Vee Seju the Consumed

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