Cait Sith

Summons Cait Sith to fight by your side.


Spell cost: 5 MP (initial; See Avatar Perpetuation Costs)
Spell element: Light
Magic skill: Summoning Magic
Jobs: Summoner Level 1


Casting Time: Information Needed seconds
Recast Time: Information Needed seconds


  • Highly resistant to light-based damage and enfeebling effects.
  • Weak against dark-based damage and enfeebling effects.

Avatar Abilities[edit]

Cait Sith's Blood Pacts are all light-based.

Blood Pact: Rage[edit]

Blood Pact Level MP S/T1 Description Comment
Regal Scratch 1 5 S Delivers a threefold attack.
Level ? Holy 75 235 ? Deals light damage to enemies within area of effect.

Blood Pact: Ward[edit]

Blood Pact Level MP S/T1 Description Comment
Altana's Favor 1 LVx2 Required MP: Caster's level x2. Grants the effects of Arise and Reraise III to party members within the area of effect. This command is only available while Astral Flow is in effect.
Raise II 15 160 Revives target from KO.
Mewing Lullaby 25 61 ? Puts all enemies within area of effect to sleep and lowers their TP.
Reraise II 30 80 Grants target party member the effect of Raise II when they are KO'd. Notable for being usable on party members.
Eerie Eye 55 134 ? Silences and inflicts amnesia upon the target.

1 S/T column indicates whether a particular Blood Pact participates in Skillchains (S) or uses TP (T). Blood Pacts that use TP can be used as a Magic Burst; however, Astral Flow can also Magic Burst even though it does not actually consume TP.

How to Obtain[edit]


Avatar Information[edit]

Cait Sith

Mysterious beings born of the goddess Altana's tears and connected to the Cavernous Maws, Cait Siths have been watching the progress of the Crystal War. There are ten distinct Cait Siths, and a final composite Cait Sith consisting of the other Cait Siths combined into a single entity.

Historical Information[edit]

Cait Sith is a fairy creature from Celtic mythology said to resemble a large black cat with a white spot on its breast. It was said to haunt the Scottish Highlands. Some common folklore suggested that the Cait Sith was not a fairy, but a transformed witch.

The name comes from the root words "Cait", which meant "Cat" in both Irish and Scottish Gaelic, and Sith, which is the Scottish word for faery folk or other otherworldly beings.[1]

Other Information[edit]

  • Cait Sith is also the name of a server.
  • Pronounced "cawt-shee"[2], but Cid in Dirge of Cerberus -Final Fantasy VII- pronounces the first part of the name phonetically (i.e., like the English name "Kate"). Other than that one instance, Cait Sith's name is always avoided in voice-over dialogue in the Final Fantasy series, and has never been pronounced in full.
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