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Blood Pact: Rage

  • Blood Pact: Rage (Recast time: 1 minute)
  • Orders the avatar to use special attacks.
  • Blood Pact: Rage will focus on direct damage and special attacks.
  • MP is no longer consumed should the player execute a Blood Pact ability but it fails to activate.
  • Blood Pact: Rage will no longer activate or trigger a recast timer if an avatar has the effect of amnesia.
  • Distance-related activation failures will not trigger a recast time.
  • However, activation failure caused by the effect of the dragoon job ability "Super Jump" will remain unchanged
  • On 8/3/2012 SE announced future update will add special ability that eliminates recast time

List of Attacks[edit]

 Level  Command  Avatar
1  Searing Light*  Carbuncle
1  Howling Moon*  Fenrir
1  Inferno*  Ifrit
1  Earthen Fury*  Titan
1  Tidal Wave*  Leviathan
1  Aerial Blast*  Garuda
1  Diamond Dust*  Shiva
1  Judgment Bolt*  Ramuh
1  Ruinous Omen*  Diabolos
1  Punch  Ifrit
1  Rock Throw  Titan
1  Barracuda Dive  Leviathan
1  Claw  Garuda
1  Axe Kick  Shiva
1  Shock Strike  Ramuh
1  Camisado  Diabolos
5  Poison Nails  Carbuncle
5  Moonlit Charge  Fenrir
10  Crescent Fang  Fenrir
Level  Command  Avatar
10  Fire II  Ifrit
10  Stone II  Titan
10  Water II  Leviathan
10  Blizzard II  Shiva
10  Thunder II  Ramuh
10  Aero II  Garuda
19  Thunderspark  Ramuh
21  Rock Buster  Titan
23  Burning Strike  Ifrit
26  Tail Whip  Leviathan
30  Double Punch  Ifrit
35  Megalith Throw  Titan
50  Double Slap  Shiva
55  Meteorite  Carbuncle
60  Fire IV  Ifrit
60  Stone IV  Titan
60  Water IV  Leviathan
60  Aero IV  Garuda
60  Blizzard IV  Shiva
60  Thunder IV  Ramuh
Level  Command  Avatar
65  Eclipse Bite  Fenrir
65  Nether Blast  Diabolos
70  Flaming Crush  Ifrit
70  Mountain Buster  Titan
70  Spinning Dive  Leviathan
70  Predator Claws  Garuda
70  Rush  Shiva
70  Chaotic Strike  Ramuh
75 (Merit)  Meteor Strike  Ifrit
75 (Merit)  Heavenly Strike  Shiva
75 (Merit)  Wind Blade  Garuda
75 (Merit)  Geocrush  Titan
75 (Merit)  Thunderstorm  Ramuh
75 (Merit)  Grand Fall  Leviathan
76  Holy Mist  Carbuncle
78  Lunar Bay  Fenrir
80  Night Terror  Diabolos
This article uses material from the "Blood_Pact:_Rage" article on FFXIclopedia and is licensed under the CC-BY-SA License.