Blizzard IV (Blood Pact)

Shiva deals ice elemental damage to target.


Avatar: Shiva (Ice)

Blood Pact: Rage

Cost: 118 MP

Level: 60


Effect Duration: Instantaneous

Battle Application: Magic Burst

  • Induration, Distortion

Damage Type: Magic

Additional Notes:

  • Avatar's TP DOES effect this ability (Although TP is not required, it makes the nuke more powerful)

Macro Syntax[edit]

  • /pet "Blizzard IV" <t>

TP Modifiers for Tier IV Nukes[edit]

  • 100 TP = Base x 1.256
  • 200 TP = Base x 1.444
  • 300 TP = Base x 1.578
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