Consumes 20% of your maximum MP. Relentless dark damage slowly devours an enemy.


Spell cost: 1 MP (In spell list; actually consumes 20% of maximum MP)
Spell element: Darkness
Magic Skill: Dark
Target: Enemy


Casting Time:
Recast Time:
Duration Time: Your current level +5 seconds.


  • Deals about as much damage as a tier IV nuke.
  • Unlike Helices, DoT occurs every three seconds instead of nine.
  • DoT damage is 25% of the initial nuke's damage.
  • Is actually a powerful darkness-element nuke, with a massive damage over time effect.
  • Can be made Area of Effect using Manifestation.
  • Using Kaustra with Manifestation on multiple targets causes the damage on each target to be reduced, much like a BLM's -ga spells.
  • MP cost can be reduced to 10% of maximum MP by using Parsimony.
  • Only usable while Tabula Rasa is in effect.

How to Obtain[edit]

Speak to Erlene in The Eldieme Necropolis (S) (J-8) with your main job set to Scholar level 5+.

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