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Dark magic spells are insidious and self serving, leeching the target's strength and making it weak. Most spells under dark magic (with the exception of Bio, Tractor, Stun and Klimaform) take strength from the target and give it to the caster, whether it be in the form of stats (such as DEX), Hit Points, Magic Points, or Tactical Points.

There are a handful of types of Dark Magic spells:

  • Bio: Status Effect that deals Damage Over Time and lowers an enemy's Attack.
  • Drain: Steals an enemy's Hit Points and gives them to the caster.
  • Aspir: Steals an enemy's Magic Points (if they have any) and gives them to the caster.
  • Absorb Spells (e.g. Absorb-STR): Steals an enemy's stat (such as STR) and gives it to the caster temporarily.
  • Tractor: Teleports a K.O.'d character to your current position. Casting range is the same as other magic.
  • Stun: Temporarily prevents an enemy from acting.
  • Dread Spikes: Damage spikes that absorbs health from attacking opponents.
  • Klimaform: Increases the magic accuracy for spells of the same element as the current weather.
  • Death: Deals darkness damage proportional to MP with a chance for instant K.O..

Dark Magic skill is the skill base from which Dark Magic derives. It is most synonymous and most importantly relational to the resistance rate of all attack spells therein. In short, Dark Magic is the largest factor which determines if a Dark Magic Spell lands unresisted or not. The skill also helps defend against spell interruptions for any spells in its category, and helps the player climb DoT tiers for Bio II and Bio III, increasing the amount of damage the enemy receives per 'tick' (roughly 3 sec.)

Job Ratings[edit]

Job Skill Ranking Cap at Level 1 Cap at Level 49 Cap at Level 99
Black Mage A- 6 150 417
Dark Knight A- 6 150 417
Geomancer C 5 139 373
Scholar* D (B+)* 4(5)** 133(144)* 334(404)*
Red Mage E 4 124 300

* Scholar's Dark Magic skill increases to B+ rating under Dark Arts if skill is capped at D.
** Scholar's Dark Magic skill can only increase to B+ rating at Level 1 by using Tabula Rasa.
See: Combat Skills for more Skill information.

Equipment that Enhances this Skill[edit]

By Amount Added[edit]

Name Skill Increase
+20 +15 +12 +11 +10 +7 +6 +5 +4 +3 +2
Crimson Belt (During Campaign) CheckCheck.gif
Bale Flanchard +2 CheckCheck.gif
Diabolos's Ring (On Darksday) CheckCheck.gif
Goetia Sabots +2 CheckCheck.gif
Scholar's Gown (with Dark Arts) CheckCheck.gif
Scholar's Gown +1 (with Dark Arts) CheckCheck.gif
Wizard's Tonban CheckCheck.gif
Wizard's Tonban +1 CheckCheck.gif
Sorcerer's Gloves +1 CheckCheck.gif
Blood Finger Gauntlets CheckCheck.gif
Aesir Torque (On Darksday) CheckCheck.gif
Bale Flanchard +1 CheckCheck.gif
Crimson Finger Gauntlets CheckCheck.gif
Goetia Sabots +1 CheckCheck.gif
Sorcerer's Gloves CheckCheck.gif
Abyss Flanchard +1 CheckCheck.gif
Abyss Gauntlets +1 CheckCheck.gif
Argute Pants CheckCheck.gif
Argute Pants +1 CheckCheck.gif
Aesir Torque CheckCheck.gif
Dark Torque CheckCheck.gif
Demon's Axe CheckCheck.gif
Abyss Flanchard CheckCheck.gif
Abyss Gauntlets CheckCheck.gif
Abyssal Earring CheckCheck.gif
Blackjack CheckCheck.gif
Chaos Burgeonet CheckCheck.gif
Chaos Burgeonet +1 CheckCheck.gif
Charging Shield CheckCheck.gif
Demon's Harness CheckCheck.gif
Demon's Harness +1 CheckCheck.gif
Genie Huaraches CheckCheck.gif
Inferno Sabots +1 (During New Moon) CheckCheck.gif
Killer Mantle CheckCheck.gif
Merciful Cape CheckCheck.gif
Nashira Manteel CheckCheck.gif
Igqira Huaraches CheckCheck.gif
Dark Earring CheckCheck.gif
Dusky Staff CheckCheck.gif
Glamor Jupon CheckCheck.gif
Inferno Sabots (During New Moon) CheckCheck.gif
Theta Sash (During Salvage) CheckCheck.gif
Crimson Belt CheckCheck.gif

By Equipment Slot[edit]


Level Name Jobs Bonus
40 Dusky Staff BLM +3
62 Demon's Axe WAR/DRK +6
69 Blackjack WAR/BLM/DRK/BST +5
89 Woeborn DRK +7


Level Name Jobs Bonus
63 Charging Shield PLD/DRK +5


Level Name Jobs Bonus
83 Caecus Grip All Jobs +3


Level Name Jobs Bonus
60 Chaos Burgeonet DRK +5
74 Chaos Burgeonet +1 DRK +5


Level Name Jobs Bonus
65 Dark Torque All +7
75 Aesir Torque All +7 Darksday: +10


Level Name Jobs Bonus
50 Glamor Jupon RDM/SCH +3
58 Scholar's Gown SCH +15*
70 Demon's Harness DRK +5
70 Demon's Harness +1 DRK +5
74 Scholar's Gown +1 SCH +15*
75 Nashira Manteel WHM/BLM/RDM/SMN/BLU +5
*Under the effects of Dark Arts


Level Name Jobs Bonus
72 Abyss Gauntlets DRK +5
72 Sorcerer's Gloves BLM +10
73 Crimson Finger Gauntlets RDM/PLD/DRK/RNG/DRG/BLU/COR +10
73 Blood Finger Gauntlets RDM/PLD/DRK/RNG/DRG/BLU/COR +11
75 Abyss Gauntlets +1 DRK +7
75 Sorcerer's Gloves +1 BLM +12


Level Name Jobs Bonus
56 Wizard's Tonban BLM +15
73 Abyss Flanchard DRK +5
73 Argute Pants SCH +7
74 Wizard's Tonban +1 BLM +15
75 Abyss Flanchard +1 DRK +7
75 Argute Pants +1 SCH +7
83 Bale Flanchard +1 DRK +10
83 Bale Flanchard +2 DRK +15


Level Name Jobs Bonus


New Moon: +3
41 Inferno Sabots +1 MNK/WHM/BLM/RDM/THF/DRK/BRD/RNG


New Moon: +5
73 Igqira Huaraches BLM +4
73 Genie Huaraches BLM +5
81 Goetia Sabots +1 BLM +10
81 Goetia Sabots +2 BLM +15


Level Name Jobs Bonus
65 Diabolos's Ring All Darksday: +15


Level Name Jobs Bonus
30 Killer Mantle All /DRK: +5
73 Merciful Cape All +5


Level Name Jobs Bonus
60 Crimson Belt All +2 Campaign:+20


Level Name Jobs Bonus
35 Dark Earring All +3
72 Abyssal Earring All +5
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