Damage Over Time

Abbreviation: DOT, DoT

Damage Over Time[edit]

Damage Over Time simply refers to the amount of damage a character inflicts over the course of a battle. Jobs that are characterized to rely heavily on Damage Over Time are generally jobs who have very consistent damage dealing mechanisms such as attacking quickly and accurately. Jobs that do not place an emphasis on Damage Over Time often focus their attacks into large single strikes that are slow and do not occur on a consistent fight for fight basis.

Jobs that are known to be able to inflict very consistent Damage Over Time include Beastmaster, Dragoon, Monk, Ninja, Thief, Puppetmaster and Warrior when using Dual Wield.

Damage Over Time Spells[edit]

  • A spell or ability that deals generally small amounts of damage over a period of time to the affected target. This kind of damage can add up nicely. These sorts of effects can affect mobs as well as Player Characters.
  • DoT spells will wake up most types of sleep unless the damage is prevented, usually by Stoneskin.
    • An exception to this rule is Diabolos's Blood Pact Nightmare, which is a DOT + Sleep effect. Nightmare's DOT effect will automatically overwrite any DOT currently affecting the target, and the Sleep effect will stick (assuming it is not resisted).
  • Target cannot use the /heal command while it is under the effect of a DOT spell unless the damage is being prevented (again usually via Stoneskin effect) effects.
  • If a Regen effect and DOT effect are both present, the player or mob, regen effects take priority; that is, if you have 60/tick poison and 25/tick Regen with 40 HP remaining, you will first gain 25 hp, putting you at 65, then lose 60, leaving you alive. Also, if you have full hp, a 10/tick DOT, and a 12/tick regen effect, you'll appear to have 10 less than your max HP after each tick.
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