Steals an enemy's HP. Ineffective against undead.


Spell cost: 21 MP
Spell element: Dark
Magic skill: Dark Magic

Note: Automatons learn this spell automatically once they have the requisite magic skill. They do not need to use a scroll.


Casting Time: 3 seconds
Recast Time: 60 seconds

Other Uses[edit]

Resale Price: ~102 gil


  • Min amount drained is floor(0.5*(skill + 20))
  • Max amount drained is skill + 20
  • The message log only displays how much health the caster absorbs. There is no message for the amount of damage dealt, which will be different if the HP absorption heals the caster to full.
  • You do not need to have less than 100% HP for Drain to deal damage to the target. Drain will do Dark Elemental damage regardless of the health of its caster.
  • Drain can absorb more HP than its target has remaining.
  • Will work against the Hydra Corps (which are classified as a kind of undead) that are located in Dynamis - Beaucedine.
  • Potency of Drain is most highly affected by Dark Magic Skill.
  • The maximum possible value of Drain is slightly higher than your current skill, before other bonuses such as Pluto's Staff, drain/aspir enhancing gear and day/weather bonuses take effect.
  • Amount drained is determined at random between 50% and 100% of possible maximum. No amount of magic accuracy or skill gear appears to prevent this.
  • Hirudinea Earring increases the effect by ~2.5% Verification Needed
  • Excelsis Ring increases the effect by 5%.

How to Obtain[edit]

Auction House Category: Scrolls > Black Magic ( )



Name Level Cap Zone
Charming Trio (Level 20, 15 minutes, 3 members) Balga's Dais

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