Charming Trio

Type: BCNM
Zone: Balga's Dais
          Level: 20
          Members: 3
          Time: 15 minutes
Orb: Cloudy Orb (20 Beastmen's Seals)





Prune x 1



Phoedme x 1



Pepper x 1




Your armoury crate will load out of the following groupings:

All of:
Mannequin Hands (100%)
One of:
Toad Oil (???%)
Potion (???%)
Potion +1 (???%)
Air Spirit Pact (???%)
Cotton Cloth (???%)
One of:
Mythril Beastcoin (???%)
Ganko (???%)
Wool Cloth (???%)
Platoon Disc (???%)
Grass Cloth (???%)
Linen Cloth (???%)
Zero to One of:
Platoon Cutter (???%)
Zero to Two of:
Fiend Blood (???%)
Unknown groupings:
Platoon Edge (???%)
Platoon Gun (???%)
Platoon Spatha (???%)
Platoon Pole (???%)
Gunromaru (???%)
Mannequin Head (???%)
Scroll of Drain (???%) Verification Needed
Beastman Blood (???%)

I believe the groupings may be a bit off. It seems there are possibly 3 groupings, and Fiend Blood is a 100% drop rate. did 2 runs drops were we follows: Potion, Platoon Pole, Platoon Cutter, Fiend Blood: Toad Oil, Mythril Beastcoin, Wool Cloth, Fiend Blood.

Due to this, mainly both the Wool and Mythril in the same pool, i think the groupings are a bit off.

Others Please add you findings, thanks.


  • All have the Leech special attacks.
  • All can cast the magic spells Drain and Aspir.
  • Each has a special TP move. Pepper uses Absorbing Kiss (Attribute Drain), Prune uses Random Kiss (randomly varies between HP, TP, or MP Drain), and Phoedme uses Deep Kiss (Status Effect Drain).
  • The three leeches are not charmable.
  • Sheep Song from a BLU/WHM was resisted by the 3 leeches.


Historical Background[edit]

The names of the 3 leeches in this BCNM are parodies of the three main characters of a TV show called "Charmed" about 3 witches: Piper, Phoebe and Prue.

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