Curse (Status Effect).pngDoom is a harmful status effect that spells certain death for those afflicted unless it is removed promptly. Afflicted characters have a doom counter that counts down, displayed in the afflicted's chat log. If this counter runs out, the afflicted character immediately falls to the ground and is K.O.'d.

Doom effects typically start at a countdown of 10, decrementing by one for each tick. As such, the afflicted target usually has approximately 30 seconds to live before being K.O.'d.

How to remove the effect[edit]

  • Higher Healing Magic skill might increase the success rate when casting Cursna on an afflicted target. Verification Needed

Note: Unlike usual methods at bad status removal, Cursna and Holy Water are not guaranteed to remove doom and may require multiple casts or uses. (Overall success rate seems to be approximately 15-25%.)

  • Unlike previous Final Fantasy installments, doom status will typically remain even after a battle is won (or in FFXI's case, defeating the enemy that inflicted doom). However, in the case of Yagudo NMs in Dynamis using their Doom ability, doom status will be healed off all party members in range if the Yagudo that used the ability is defeated before the doom counter runs out (when this occurs, "[Player] narrowly escapes impending doom" will be displayed in the chat log).

How the effect is inflicted/gained[edit]

Monster Abilities[edit]

Player Abilities[edit]

How to avoid the effect[edit]

Doom effects, unlike Death effects, are generally not resistable, so the only universal method of prevention is avoiding being hit by any attacks that inflict doom. Spells/abilities that inflict stun may be useful to stop such attacks.

  • In Abyssea, the temporary item Doom Screen grants the effect of Negate Doom for 2 minutes, during which you cannot be inflicted with doom. However, it will not remove doom that has already taken effect. Additionally, some enemies possess the ability to dispel or absorb "screen" effects off of you.
  • Several forms of doom, such as from Tauri (Mortal Ray) and Vampyr (Eternal Damnation), are Gaze Attacks, meaning its target(s) must be facing the user for doom to take effect. Because of this, just like all other gaze attacks, there are four ways to prevent being doomed against these enemies:
  • Tanking backwards;
  • Turning around before the ability is used;
  • Attacking the monster from the side or from behind (outside the gaze cone) and being sure not to pull hate.;
  • Being afflicted with Blindness when the ability is used.
  • Keep in mind when trying to turn around to avoid the effect, the player must have quick reflexes and turn as soon as the "Taurus readies Mortal Ray" message appears in the chat log. If he/she turns as the monster uses its ability, it will likely still take effect.
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