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Accuracy is compared with an enemy's evasion to determine whether or not a character will land their next melee attack. Primarily, accuracy is affected by a character's combat skill and DEX attribute, while equipment, food, abilities and traits can modify it further.

Accuracy = ⌊Combat Skill Contribution + DEX Contribution + Equipment + Traits + Abilities⌋
Note: "⌊X⌋" means to round the value of X down to the nearest whole number.

Combat Skill:

  • When combat skill is ≤200, your entire combat skill value is used when calculating your melee accuracy.
  • When combat skill is >200, the formula for accuracy contribution is := ⌊0.857Verification Needed*(skill-200) +200⌋


  • Accuracy := ⌊3*DEX/4⌋


Accuracy modifications due to food (such as Sole Sushi) apply after all other modifiers have been considered; simply add the accuracy value from the food to your total. In the case of food that raises your accuracy by a percentage, multiply your total base accuracy by 1.x, where x is the percent-value of the food.


  • When using the check command on a monster, "low evasion" occurs when the attacker's accuracy is 10 or more higher than the defender's evasion. "High evasion" occurs when the attacker's accuracy is 31 or more lower than the defender's evasion.
  • "Low evasion" indicates an 80% or higher Hit Rate on an Even Match monster; this will be higher or lower depending on the monster's level relative to your own.
  • Each point of accuracy raises your Hit Rate by 0.5%.
  • Your Hit Rate cannot drop below 20% nor can it be raised beyond 95%, so adjusting accuracy above or below these limits will not have an effect on your Hit Rate. These limits also apply to a monster's accuracy as well.


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