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An example of a Rare item.

Rare items are items that can only be obtained once (that is, the item is so "Rare" that there is only one in existence), meaning that only one item of that type can be held by a character at a time, whether it be in the character's inventory, Mog House, Mog Locker, Mog Satchel, Mog Sack or Storage. Consequently, no Rare items have the ability to stack, as a character can only possess a single instance of the item at a time. Rare items can be identified by a small yellow dot in the top-right corner of item information box, with the word "Rare" in it.

Though there is a limit of one Rare item within a character's inventory, Mog House, Mog Locker, Mog Satchel, Mog Sack, and Storage multiples of a particular Rare item can be possessed by placing one or more in a character's Delivery Box or on the Auction House (if not prevented by other restrictions). Similarly, if an item is stored with an NPC (such as an Event Item Storer), the item is removed from the character's possession, allowing another one to be obtained.

Unlike Exclusive items, Rare items can be transferred between characters. However, some Rare items cannot be placed for sale on the Auction House or transferred through the delivery system, and must instead be sold through Bazaaring or via Trade.

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