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A Gold Ring with "MP+10 INT+2 CHR+2" augments.

Augmented items are pieces of equipment that have had their base statistics modified. They can currently be obtained either through the defeat of certain Notorious Monsters as part of an elite training regime for the Fields of Valor event, by trading certain job specific weapons as part of the quest Succor to the Sidhe, by exchanging certain key items obtained from completion of A Crystalline Prophecy Missions, A Moogle Kupo d'Etat Missions, or A Shantotto Ascension Missions at the Tenshodo HQ, or through the completion of ANNM battles. Augmented items can also be found in Sturdy Pyxis in Abyssean zones.


Items that have been augmented are exclusive and cannot be traded with other players, sold on the Auction House, in Bazaars, or stored with Armor Depositories; though they can still be sold to NPCs for the same price as the base piece of equipment.

Fields of Valor Augments[edit]

When undertaking an elite training regime, trading equipment to a Field Parchment and successfully defeating the spawned NM will result in the equipment returned to you with certain augmented statistics.

For additional information on these training regimes and the types of equipment that can be augmented, see Field Parchment."

Succor to the Sidhe Augments[edit]

Trading a job specific weapon required as part of the Succor to the Sidhe quest to the NPC Callisto in Grauberg (S) will allow you to choose to battle various NM in past, to gain augments to the job specific weapon traded in. If after the battle you do not like the augments added to the weapon, you may choose to do another battle to obtain different augments. After 5 battles you do not augment the weapon, you will lose the weapon.

For additional information, see Succor to the Sidhe Quest.

ANNM augments[edit]

Using a Red-Labeled Crate, Green-Labeled Crate or Blue-Labeled Crate at various places in the WoTG areas will spawn a special NM and 6 underlings. Defeating these will spawn three chests, one of which will contain an augmented item. Augments are still random, but can contain some unique augments not available to FoV augmentation and are generally not detrimental.

For additional information on these NMs, see ANNM.

MMM augments[edit]

When succesfully completing an Actualization Team maze (voucher 5), players will be rewarded with an augmented belt (100%). While augments are still random, the level of the belt as well as the type of augments (melee, ranged, magic) can be manipulated by completing the maze in a specific way.

For additional information, see Actualization Team.
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