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A player can sell any tradeable item out of their bazaar by setting the price per item. Goods are sold individually, not by the stack, so price your items accordingly.

Player icon bazaar.jpg This is the icon that shows up next to a persons name when their bazaar is available - a little brown sack. It may not always be visible due to the player's other icon statuses (See: Player Icon Priority).


  • To make a purchase out of someone's bazaar, /check the player and select the option to view their bazaar.
  • All purchases are final, so buy with caution.
  • It is often a good idea to check the Auction House or NPC Merchant prices for that item before buying out of a bazaar.
  • Bazaar taxes were once charged in certain zones, but taxes have since been removed from all areas in Final Fantasy XI.


To sell your items in your bazaar, go to the second page of your main menu (on PC by pressing the "-" on the number pad twice; or by pushing the "Square" Button twice for PS2 players, or by pushing the "X" button twice on 360) and choose the "Bazaar" option.

You can choose to either "Sell Item", or edit your "Bazaar Comment". This comment is seen when others /check you. A number of people like to put sales comments there, although you can put any comment there.

If you choose "Sell Items" it will bring up a list of all the items in your Inventory. Items that you can't bazaar are greyed out. Choose the item you want to sell and enter a sell price. If you have a stackable item, the price you enter will be how much one of the items will cost.

Example: You have 8 Fire Crystals and you enter a price of 100 gil. Someone checks your bazaar and can buy up to 8 of your Fire Crystals at 100 gil each.

If you set a stack of items for sale and you acquire additional items, those additional items will not be added to the stack of items for sale. For example, if you set 6 Fire Crystals for sale while in the field, then acquire a seventh, you will still only have 6 Fire Crystals for sale.

When you're editing your bazaar, it becomes unavailable to other players. If you are muling you may want to make sure that your bazaar icon is visible (See: Player Icon Priority)

This article uses material from the "Bazaar" article on FFXIclopedia and is licensed under the CC-BY-SA License.