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An example of a Temporary item.

Temporary items are special items that can be used like normal items, but will disappear if they are carried out of the area they were obtained in or if the match or event they were obtained from comes to an end. Temporary items can be identified by a small, grey icon in the top, right corner of the item's information screen, with the letters "Tmp" in it.

Temporary items do not take up normal inventory space, but instead reside in a seperate, temporary, inventory space. A character's temporary inventory space appears in orange above the character's normal inventory and will expand to accomodate as many Temporary items as that character can obtain. However, a character is limited to carrying only one of a given Temporary item at a time (even if the item is not Rare), with the sole exception of the fish in a particular Moblin Maze Mongers maze. Because Temporary items do not reside in the character's normal inventory space, they cannot be traded between players (even if they are not Exclusive).

Currently, Temporary items can be obtained during Abyssea, Assault, Besieged, Einherjar, Salvage, and in Moblin Maze Mongers mazes, by Quarrying in Conflict, and by opening blue Treasure Caskets. It is also possible to exchange Ballista Points for temporary items during Ballista (in the form of vouchers) by speaking with a Marshal before the match. Similarly, Allied Notes can be exchanged for temporary items during Campaign Battles by speaking with a Campaign Arbiter during the battle.

Temporary Items in Abyssea[edit]

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