Bagua Attire Set

A Hume Male in full Bagua Attire

Unlike jobs that came out before Seekers of Adoulin, this armor set is not obtainable form Dynamis zones. To obtain it the player needs to get all pieces of Geomancy Attire Set, and then complete the quest Geomancer Relic Armor Quests.

All the pieces to this set are Item Level:109

Number of Pieces: 5
Storage Options:
Armor Depository Not storable.Information Needed
Porter Moogle with Moogle Storage Slip 06Verification Needed
Can store single pieces.

Level Armor Piece
99 Bagua Galero RareExclusiveAugment

[Head] All Races
DEF:71 HP+52 MP+26 STR+8 DEX+8
VIT+8 AGI+8 INT+12 MND+12 CHR+12
Magic Accuracy +15 Evasion +16
Magic Evasion +51
"Magic Def. Bonus" +2 Haste+5%
"Drain" and "Aspir" potency +20
Enhances "Primeval Zeal" effect
Lv. 99 GEO

99 Bagua Tunic RareExclusiveAugment

[Body] All Races
DEF:93 HP+65 MP+89 STR+13 DEX+13
VIT+13 AGI+13 INT+18 MND+18 CHR+18
Magic Atk. Bonus +20 Evasion+19 Magic Evasion+54
"Mag. Def. Bonus" +3
Geomancy Skill +10 Haste+2%
Enhances "Bolster" effect
Lv. 99 GEO

99 Bagua Mitaines RareExclusiveAugment

[Hands] All Races
DEF:60 HP+10 MP+12 STR+4 DEX+17
VIT+16 AGI+3 INT+12 MND+21 CHR+12
Evasion+10 Magic Evasion+25
"Mag. Def. Bonus" +1 Haste+3%
Enmity-5 "Refresh" +1
Elemental magic casting time -11%
Enhances "Curative Recantation" effect
Lv. 99 GEO

99 Bagua Pants RareExclusiveAugment[Legs] All Races

DEF: 84 HP+60 MP+24 STR+16 VIT+8
AGI+14 INT+24 MND+18 CHR+12
Evasion+22 Magic Evasion+73
"Magic Def. Bonus" +3 Haste+4%
"Indicolure" spell duration" +12
Enhances "Mending Halation" effect
Lv. 99 GEO

99 Bagua Sandals RareExclusiveAugment

[Feet] All Races
DEF: 48 HP+36 MP+12 STR+6 DEX+7
VIT +9 AGI+21 INT+14 MND+15 CHR+21
Evasion+25 Magic Evasion+73
"Magic Def. Bonus" +2
Enfeebling magic skill +15
Haste+3% Luopan: "Regen" +2
Enhances "Radial Arcana" effect
Lv. 99 GEO

Set Summary[edit]

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