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Refresh (Status Effect)


Refresh (Status Effect).png Refresh is a beneficial status effect that refreshes a player's magic pool until it wears off or is removed. Benefitting characters gain magic points back while standing, sitting, or resting.

How to remove the effect[edit]

  • This effect can be dispelled.
  • Refresh spell gained from the Red Mage cast or food items can be manually removed (those that give the status icon pictured above). Those gained from Mage's Ballad, Mage's Ballad II, and Evoker's Roll cannot be manually removed (uses different status icons).
  • Sublimation will both overwrite and block Refresh-status, be it from the RDM spell "Refresh", enchanted items or food. However, it will NOT block Refresh from different sources such as songs or rolls, or the RDM spell Refresh II.

How the effect is inflicted/gained[edit]


Job Abilities[edit]

Note: these abilities grant their own unique status effects, which cannot be cancelled.



See Auto Refresh.

Automaton Attachments[edit]

  • Mana Tank - Automaton only; '1-7mp/tick depending on the number of Dark Maneuvers and frame
  • Mana Tank II - Automaton only; '2-9mp/tick depending on the number of Dark Maneuvers and frame

Monster Abilities[edit]

Note: Removing status effects granted by an aura while in range will only result in them being re-applied.


Looking for other sources of refresh?[edit]

  • The auto-refresh trait is considered a job ability, not a status effect. if you are looking for for that instead, please see the Auto Refresh page for a list of gear and jobs that give or enhance this trait.
  • See Atma for a list of Atmas, including those which have Refresh as part of their effects.
  • Mage's Ballad Mage's Ballad II and Mage's Ballad III restore MP over time, but grant their own status effects which cannot be manually removed.
  • See the Vorseals article for information on obtaining automatic refresh (1 - 11 MP/tic) in the Escha areas.
This article uses material from the "Refresh_(Status_Effect)" article on FFXIclopedia and is licensed under the CC-BY-SA License.