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Auto Refresh

Job Trait Overview[edit]

  • Game Description: Gradually restores MP.
  • Job Traits are always active.
  • Further Notes:
    • This trait restores 1 point of MP per tick, per trait level. Any item with "Adds refresh effect" increases the refresh by 1/tick.
    • Like all other Job Traits, the effect does not stack with itself (in the case of combinations such as PLD/SMN or BLU/PLD), but DOES stack with other Refresh effects, including Blood of the Vampyr.
    • As a Summoner's Avatar Perpetuation Cost can not be reduced below 1 from items, Auto Refresh I can only negate the remaining cost and is not enough to gain MP with a summon out. Since Auto Refresh II is 2 MP/tick, it can give you a net gain of 1 MP/tick if the perpetuation cost has been offset.

Blue Magic Spells that Achieve this Trait[edit]

Auto refresh is obtained differently from other BLU traits- it uses a points system, which has nothing to do with Blue Magic set points (the ones you use to equip spells) - it's specifically about obtaining Auto Refresh.

Different spells weigh more/less toward triggering Auto Refresh when equipped, which is where the points system came from. You can have Auto Refresh by any combination of the spells listed below as long as the sum of their Auto Refresh points adds up to 8 points or higher (based on that list, not on set points). For possible spell combinations, see Blue Mage Traits

Level Available Spell Set Point cost Auto Refresh points
44 Stinking Gas 2 1
50 Frightful Roar 3 2
50 Self-Destruct 3 2
52 Cold Wave 1 1
58 Light of Penance 5 2
64 Voracious Trunk 4 3
74 Actinic Burst 4 4
75 Plasma Charge 5 4
89 Winds of Promyvion 5 4

Auto Refresh[edit]

1 MP/tick

Auto Refresh II[edit]

2 MP/tick


The following Atma will bestow the auto-refresh effect while in Abyssea.

Other passive Refresh effects[edit]

  • Sanction - With the Auto Refresh Imperial Standing bonus selected. Only works below a certain % of your max MP, based on the status of Besieged. 1 MP/tick.
  • Sigil - With the Auto Refresh Allied Notes bonus selected Only works below a certain % of your max MP, based on the number of areas your past nation controls. 1 MP/tick.
  • Signet - When the "Blood of the Vampyr" Super Kupower is active. Only works below 50% of your max MP. 1 MP/tick.

Gear that enhances this Trait[edit]

All equipment listed gives +1 MP/tick Auto Refresh unless otherwise specified.

Name Lvl Type Jobs Notes
Arcane Robe 80 Body WHM/BLM/RDM/BRD/SMN/BLU


Ares's Cuirass 75 Body WAR/PLD/DRK/DRG
Ares's Cuirass +1 99 Body WAR/PLD/DRK/DRG 2MP/Tick
Aries Mantle 70 Back All Jobs Active while afflicted with the status effect sleep.
Auspex Doublet 99 Body BLM/RDM/SMN/BLU/SCH/GEO
Baalmuian Robe 99 Body WHM/BLM/RDM/SMN/SCH/GEO 2MP/Tick
Bale Choker 84 Neck DRK
Balrahn's Ring 50 Ring All Jobs Active during Assault and Salvage only.
Black Cloak / Demon's Cloak 68 Body BLM
Bokwus Robe 99 Body WHM/BLM/RDM/SMN/SCH/GEO 2MP/Tick
Caller's Horn +1 / 85 Head SMN
Caller's Horn +2 85 Head SMN 2MP/tick
Chrysopoeia Torque 83 Neck WHM/BLM/BRD/SMN/SCH Latent Effect Drains 1TP for 1MP/tick
Cleric's Briault / Cleric's Briault +1 74/75 Body WHM
Cleric's Briault +2 / Cleric's Briault (Augmented) +2 90 Body WHM 2MP/Tick
Coatl Gorget 93 Neck PLD/DRK
Creed Collar 80 Neck PLD
Daedalus Hammer 62 Club WAR/WHM/PLD Enchantment 50 charges. Duration: 1 minutes. 1MP/tick.
Dalmatica / Dalmatica +1 73 Body WHM/BLM/RDM/BRD/SMN
Duelist's Chapeau / Duelist's Chapeau +1 75 Head RDM
Duelist's Chapeau / Duelist's Chapeau (Augmented) +2 90 Head RDM 2MP/Tick
Eerie Cloak +1 1 Body All Jobs Active while Main Job is a multiple of 13 and Nighttime.
Destrier Beret 1 Head All Jobs Active while Main Job is level 30 or lower.
Ebon Bliaut / Ebur Bliaut / Furia Bliaut 71 Body WHM/SMN
Estoqueur's Sayon +1 85 Body RDM
Estoqueur's Sayon +2 85 Body RDM 2MP/Tick
Fea's Robe 99 Body BLM/RDM/BLU/SCH/GEO 2MP/Tick
Gaudy Harness 50 Body BST/BRD Active while MP < 49.
Goetia Coat +1 89 Body BLM
Goetia Coat +2 89 Body BLM 2MP/Tick
Gram 92 Great Sword PLD/DRK/RUN
Hardwood Katana 1 Great Katana All Jobs Active while afflicted with the status effect sleep.
Heka's Kalasiris 95 Body WHM/BLM/RDM/BRD/SMN/PUP


1MP/Tick (Additional 2MP/Tick set bonus activated by Nefer Khat or Nefer Khat +1)
Hercules' Ring 66 Ring WAR/PLD Active while HP ≤ 50%.
Hydra Doublet 70 Body WHM/BLM/RDM/BRD/SMN Enchantment 20 charges. Duration: 30 minutes. 4MP/tick.
Hydra Haubert 70 Body WAR/PLD/DRK Enchantment 20 Charges.
Ixion Cloak 74 Body WHM/BLM/RDM/BRD/SMN/BLU


Karasutengu Kogake 73 Feet MNK/WHM/RDM/THF/PLD/BST


Active during Campaign Battles only.
Lamiabane 70 Throwing All Jobs Enchantment 15 Charges. Duration: 60 minutes. Only active while in Mamook, Arrapago Reef, or Halvung.
Manasa Chasuble 99 Body WHM/BLM/RDM/BRD/SMN/BLU


Marduk's Jubbah 75 Body WHM/BRD/SMN
Marduk's Jubbah +1 99 Body WHM/BRD/SMN 2MP/Tick
Marotte Claws 82 Hand to Hand PUP Automaton:Adds "Refresh" effect
Mavi Mintan +2 89 Body BLU 2MP/Tick
Mercenary Major Charm 60 Neck All Jobs Active during Campaign Battles only.
Mirage Jubbah / Mirage Jubbah +1 74 Body BLU
Mirage Jubbah +2 90 Body BLU 2MP/Tick
Mistilteinn 70 Club WHM/BLM/RDM/SMN/BLU/SCH/GEO Latent Effect Active while TP ≥ 3.
Morrigan's Robe 75 Body BLM/RDM/BLU/SCH/GEO 2MP/Tick
Morrigan's Robe +1 99 Body BLM/RDM/BLU/SCH/GEO
Nares Trews 99 Legs WHM/BLM/RDM/BRD/SMN/SCH


Nefer Kalasiris / Nefer Kalasiris +1 95 Body WHM/BLM/RDM/BRD/SMN/SCH


Set bonus: 2MP/Tick activated by Nefer Khat or Nefer Khat +1
Nefer Khat / Nefer Khat +1 95 Head WHM/BLM/RDM/BRD/SMN/SCH


Set bonus: 2MP/Tick activated by Heka's Kalasiris, Nefer Kalasiris, or Nefer Kalasiris +1
Noble's Tunic / Aristocrat's Coat 68 Body WHM
Numen Staff 79 Staff WAR/MNK/WHM/BLM/RDM/BST


Latent effect: 1MP/Tick while weapon is drawn
Ogier's Armor Set 98 Armor Set WAR/PLD/DRK/BST/SAM/DRG Set bonus: 1MP/Tick for 2-3 pieces worn, 2MP/Tick for 4-5 pieces worn
Oneiros Grip 88 Grip All Jobs Latent effect: 1MP/Tick active when MP < 76%
Orison Bliaud +1 89 Body WHM
Orison Bliaud +2 89 Body WHM 2MP/Tick
Orvail Robe 99 Body WHM/BLM/BRD/SMN/BLU/PUP


Owleyes 80 Club WHM/BLM/SMN/SCH
Pantin Taj +2 90 Head PUP Automaton: 1MP/Tick
Parade Gorget 50 Neck PLD/DRK Latent Effect Active while HP ≥ 85%.
Plastron / Plastron +1 71 Body DRK
Pluviale 84 Body WHM/RDM/SMN/BLM/SCH
Pyracmon Cap 1 Head All Jobs During Full Moon AND Darksday AND Nighttime, 2MP/Tick
Refresh Earring 51 Earring All Jobs Active during Garrison only.
Roller's Ring 86 Ring All Jobs Latent effect: 1MP/Tick while under the effect of a Phantom Roll that is 11.
Rubeus Jacket 99 Body WHM/BLM/RDM/BRD/SMN/SCH


Savant's Gown +2 89 Body SCH
Scorpion Helm / Scorpion Helm +1 66 Head WAR/MNK/RDM/THF/DRK/BST


Active while afflicted with the status effect paralyze.
Serpentes Cuffs 80 Hands WHM/BLM/RDM/BRD/SMN/BLU


Nighttime: Adds "Refresh"
Serpentes Sabots 80 Feet WHM/BLM/RDM/BRD/SMN/BLU


Daytime: Adds "Refresh"
Sorcerer's Coat / Sorcerer's Coat +1 74 Body BLM
Sorcerer's Coat +2 / Sorcerer's Coat (Augmented) +2 90 Body BLM 2MP/Tick
Spurrina Doublet 99 Body BLM/RDM/SMN/BLU/SCH/GEO
Stearc Subligar 70 Legs All Jobs Potential Augment
Taster's Cape 75 Back WHM/BLM/RDM/BRD/SMN/BLU


Active while afflicted with the status effect poison.
Twilight Mail 90 Body WAR/PLD/DRK/BST/SAM/DRG 2MP/Tick
Vampire Cloak 70 Body DRK Active during nighttime only.
Vermillion Cloak / Royal Cloak 59 Body MNK/WHM/BLM/RDM/PLD/BRD


Yhel Jacket / Yhel Jacket +1 80 Body BLM/SCH
Yigit Armor Set 72 Armor Set WHM/BLM/RDM/BRD/SMN/BLU


Set effect active only while all five pieces are worn together.
Yinyang Robe 71 Body SMN
This article uses material from the "Auto_Refresh" article on FFXIclopedia and is licensed under the CC-BY-SA License.