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Sleep (Status Effect)


Sleep (Status Effect).png Sleep is a harmful status effect that prevents all activity until it wears off or is removed. Afflicted characters may not move, attack, cast spells or use abilities. The use of Poison will negate or diminish this effect. Please see Medicine Influence on Status Effects

How to remove the effect[edit]

  • Any cure spell cast on the afflicted will remove the effect (this includes blue magic spells such as Magic Fruit).
  • Receiving physical damage will awaken afflicted characters.
  • Damage inflicted by a poison, dia, bio, requiem, or elemental debuff effect, or by Sublimation will remove this effect, unless the damage from them is negated, i.e. by a stoneskin effect (Regen will not negate it). Note that if you have any of these damage over time effects and Stoneskin both active, you can manually cancel your Stoneskin and wake up immediately.
  • Sleep caused by Diabolos's Nightmare ability is unaffected by physical damage and by damage over time effects.
  • Low level sleep can also be removed via the whm bar spells. This is a cheap and inexpensive way to wake the party.

How the effect is inflicted[edit]



Job Abilities[edit]


Blood Pact[edit]


Weapon Skills[edit]

Monster Abilities[edit]

Used with Opo-opo Necklace to cause Regain (Status Effect)

This article uses material from the "Sleep_(Status_Effect)" article on FFXIclopedia and is licensed under the CC-BY-SA License.