Quick Draw

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Job Ability[edit]

  • Shoot a bullet charged with the magical energy of an elemental card. Special items required.
  • Obtained: Corsair Level 40
  • Recharge Time: 1:00
  • Charges: 2
  • Duration: Instant


  • To use Quick Draw, the Corsair must have a gun and bullet equipped and must have the appropriate elemental card in their inventory (e.g. Light Shot requires a Light Card).
    • Alternatively, a Trump Card can be used in the place of any elemental card. (Note that the Trump Card will NOT overwrite a basic elemental card. e.g having a Fire Card and a Trump Card in you inventory when Fire Shot is used, the Fire Card will be used first.)
    • All Cards can be acquired from Jajaroon in Nashmau.
    • Cards can be stored in a Card Case like Ninja Tool Bags or Ammo Quivers. See Nokkhi Jinjahl for details.
    • Quick Draw uses 1 card, but does not use the bullet.
  • When Corsair is set as a support job, Quick Draw can be used with any Marksmanship weapon, including cannons and crossbows, provided that appropriate ammunition is equipped. It does not work with Archery weapons.
  • Quick Draw can be used from a max distance of 22'.
    • Quick Draw can be used even when facing away from the target.
  • Quick Draw's recharge time can be reduced to 50sec with full merits into Quick Draw Recast. Another 5 sec can be reduced with an augmented Mirke Wardecors to bring the recharge time down to 45 sec.
  • Quick Draw ignores Shadow Images.
  • As of the September 2010 update, Quick Draw generates as much TP as a regular Ranged Attack. It does not give any TP to the target.
    • The TP gained from Quick Draw is affected by Store TP
  • Quick Draw deals elemental damage based on the Shot used. Note that Light and Dark Shot do not deal damage. See below for information.
  • Quick Draw accuracy is based on AGI.
  • Light Shot inflicts Sleep on the target.
  • Dark Shot dispels 1 beneficial effect from the target.
  • Light and Dark Shot produce considerably less Enmity than their magical equivalents.
  • Quick Draw augments enfeebling effects active on the target when the corresponding elemental shot is used. See below for information.
  • It is possible to earn Marksmanship skill increases when using Quick Draw.

Quick Draw Effects[edit]

Using the Elemental Shot corresponding to the element of an enfeebling effect will increase the potency of that enfeebling effect. For example, using Earth Shot after the spell Slow (an Earth-based spell) will enhance the Slow effect past its presumed cap. Quick Draw's augmentation effect occurs even if Quick Draw has been resisted.

Many of the following values are speculated (see talk page):

Macro Syntax[edit]

  • /ja "Dark Shot" <t>
  • /ja "Earth Shot" <t>
  • /ja "Ice Shot" <t>
  • /ja "Water Shot" <t>
  • /ja "Wind Shot" <t>
  • /ja "Fire Shot" <t>
  • /ja "Thunder Shot" <t>
  • /ja "Light Shot" <t>
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