Time of Day

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Some equipment and monsters change behavior depending on the Time of Day, and some quests can only be completed at certain hours in Vana'diel.

Game Term Hours Affects
Daytime 06:00-18:00 Arco De Velocidad, Brisingamen (HQ), Clown's Subligar (HQ), Dandy Spectacles (HQ), Daylight Dagger, Fenrir items, Garden Bangles (HQ), Horror Head II, Ladybug Ring (HQ), Ladybug Earring (HQ), Louhi's Mask, Lycopodium Sash, Nocturnal mobs go to sleep, Sunlight Pole, Vampire Cloak
Nighttime 18:00-06:00 Brisingamen (HQ), Clown's Subligar (HQ), Dandy Spectacles (HQ), Diurnal mobs go to sleep, Eerie Cloak +1, Fenrir items, Giant Bats spawn in outdoor areas, Horror Head, Louhi's Mask, Ninja Artifact Armor, Ninja Relic Armor, Nightmare Sword, Schwarz Axt, Shiranui, Vampire Boots, Vampire Cloak, Vampire Earring, Vampire Mask
Dusk to Dawn 17:00-07:00 Koga Hakama +1, Koga Hatsuburi +1, Koga Kyahan +1, Koga Tekko +1, Ninja Hakama +1, Ninja Kyahan +1, Rossignol, Hachiya Kyahan
New Day 04:00 Magian Spectacles begin evaluating a new day
Dawn 06:00-07:00
Day 07:00-17:00
Dusk 16:00-18:00 Lovers in the Dusk
Evening 18:00-20:00
Dead of Night 20:00-04:00 Undead spawn in outdoor areas
In-game dawn and dusk are different from their real-life counterparts in that the in-game ones are considered part of daytime rather than nighttime.
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