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Abbreviation: MND

  • MND increases resistance to White Magic spells as well as reducing base damage taken from them.
    • Some people believe that MND increases resistance to all spells, not just White Magic, but there are no known published tests that show this conclusively. See Magical Resistance.

Associated with the element of Water. Many water-based items add MND to a character's Stats. Example: Leviathan's Rod

Breakdown of Level 1 and 75 Mind Stats by Race and Job Sorted Highest to Lowest[edit]

Based off White Mage Mind score

Elvaan: 9 ; 68

Galka: 8 ; 63

Hume: 8 ; 63

Mithra: 8 ; 60

Tarutaru: 8 ; 60

Level 1 stats taken from FFXI official strategy guide, spring 2004 version.
Level 75 stats gathered from Allakhazam.com and do not include stat bonuses from sub jobs

  • This needs to be updated since level cap is now 90 99.

MND Rankings based on Job[edit]

1. White Mage
2. Summoner
3. Paladin, Red Mage, Rune Fencer
6. Bard, Blue Mage, Monk, Ranger, Scholar
11. Beastmaster, Black Mage, Corsair, Dragoon, Samurai
16. Dancer, Puppetmaster, Warrior
19. Dark Knight, Ninja, Thief

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