Porter Moogle

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Porter Moogle
Bestiary: Moogle
Affiliation: MHMU
Occupation: Porter
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Type: NPC
Location: *Lower Jeuno (I-6)


Find a nearby Porter Moogle and talk to him and select the option to buy a Slip. Once you find the slip you want you select it and confirm your selection. Each slip will cost you 1000 gil to buy. After purchasing any storage slip, you may trade 1-7 corresponding items per trade along with the slip. NOTE: This does NOT mean you can only store up to 7 items on a single slip, it simply means you can only transfer up to 7 at a time to the Porter for storage. At any time after you have the slip you can continue to make trades of 1-7 items along with the corresponding slip, thereby storing all your like items with the Moogle instead of in your MH. This feature is handy when you later get another armor drop, like in Dynamis, and want to store it somewhere until you need it.

To withdraw an item simply trade him the corresponding slip and he will give you an option to retrieve your armor. You only pay an initial fee of 1,000 gil when purchasing a storage slip, you will not pay every time you store or withdraw gear. Storage slips cannot be discarded unless all stored items are retrieved first.

As of Feb. 14, 2011, items with a Magian Trial insignia can no longer be stored with a Porter Moogle. Any items with an active trial stored before that date have had all trial progress erased.

Historical Background

A porter is a person hired to carry bags or luggage.

Storage Slips[edit]

Each storage slip costs 1000 gil.

You can check if an item is storable on the Storage Slip Reverse Lookup page.

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