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"Campaign Battles" is the collective term given to the series of battles and border skirmishes waged in the Quon and Mindartian theaters during the Crystal War. These regions contain areas that are continually being plagued by sporadic outbursts of hostility along contested borders. Should the incessantly encroaching beasthordes be unequivocally repelled, the lands in dispute will be claimed as territories under Altana.

There are several benefits to be reaped once claim is laid to an area such as an increase in the number of Campaign Operations available. Most importantly succesive completions of multiple campaign contributes to promotion to higher Medals.

By having "Allied Tags" issued to you by an area's Campaign Arbiter (C.A.) you may choose to have your campaign battle performance assessed. By doing so you may receive rewards for your service, such as Campaign-specific points, known as "Allied Notes", and experience points.

Experience points will not be lost in the event that a player should die while participating in a Campaign Battle.
Allied Tags will be lost in the following cases:
  • Tractor
  • Zoning
  • Disconnect
  • Chocobo Rental
If you lose your tag for any of these reasons, you will forfeit all experience points and Allied Notes earned.

Campaign Map[edit]

The Campaign Map shows the current Campaign Battles and how the nations are faring against the Beastmen. This can be accessed by typing /campaignmap (or /cmap for short).


The Controlled Areas box shows how many areas each nation currently controls. When a nation controls an area, their field Campaign officer will be standing at the fortifications. When the beastmen are controlling an area, the C.A. (Campaign Arbiter) will be standing some distance away from the fortifications.

The icon indicates Pashhow Marshlands (S) is currently controlled by Bastok and under attack. The Heroism Gauge indicates a low frequency of Campaign Battles.

The Campaign Map shows the status of Campaign Battles and zone resources. A sword icon indicates that a Campaign Battle is in progress. Blue, red or yellow icons indicate Bastok, San d'Oria or Windurst as the currently controlling nation, respectively; a purple icon indicates beastmen control.

Under each icon is the Heroism Gauge which indicates the intensity of campaign battles in the area. As the gauge fills in the region, the number of attacking forces and defending forces will increase and the frequency of battles will increase. This also means that generals and freelances participating in the area will more likely use their own unique abilities more frequently (for example, Dalzakk will be more inclined to summon Oggbi for help). At the beginning of each week (Earth time), the gauge will be reset and will fill over the week.


The Campaign Map also indicates the Fortifications and Resources levels (current vs. maximum) in each area, as well as the dominance of each force in the area.

The Fortifications rating indicates how well the defenders have control over the area. This rating will decrease as the stronghold is attacked in campaign battles, and can be lowered by saboteurs dropping bombs. The lower this value is, the more likely defenders will retreat and the easier for attackers to gain influence.

Buying deducts the resource count by one. Resources are also spent to increase the current fortification amount every time a defending force is dispatched. If resources hits 0, no more temporary items can be purchased. But more importantly, the defending forces can no longer repair fortifications when they are initially dispatched, which means they may retreat more often until fortifications are repaired by a engineering unit or through Campaign Operations.

Campaign Ops supply transport missions including Crimson Domino I, II and III can be completed to replenish an area's resources by 1 point each time for Crimson Domino I, 2 for Crimson Domino II, etc.; a concentrated effort by several players is needed to add a meaningful amount to the supply.

Enlisting in Campaign Battles[edit]

All those wishing to participate in Campaign Battles must enlist with one of the allied army's three main forces--the Kingdom of San d'Oria, the Republic of Bastok, or the Federation of Windurst. These forces combat the ever-advancing Beastmen Confederate comprising the Quon Host of the Orcish Empire, the Quadav Shieldwarriors, the Yagudo Theomilitary, and the Shadowlord's Dark Kindred.

To enlist, the appropriate enlistment quest must be completed: either Steamed Rams (San d'Oria), The Fighting Fourth (Bastok), or Snake on the Plains (Windurst). Once you have enlisted in a military force you are able to partake in Campaign and Campaign Battles.

Transportation to Campaign Battles[edit]

Town Campaign Arbiters
Windurst Windurst Waters (S) Wenonah, C.A. (G-10)
Bastok Bastok Markets (S) Narkissa, C.A. (E-8)
San d'Oria Southern San d'Oria (S) Scarlette, C.A. (H-9)

Speak to a Campaign Arbiter in your Allied nation ("Town Campaign Arbiters"). They will offer you teleportation to some of the Campaign Battle areas, however in order to qualify for teleportation you must have previously visited the area at some point.

The C.A will transport you to a Campaign Battle area for a number of Allied Notes depending on where you are traveling and who is controlling it.

If the area is controlled by the Beastmen forces, you will be teleported near the location of the Campaign Arbiter. If the nation is controlled by a nation, you will be teleported to the same location, but the Campaign Arbiter will be located by the fortifications (depending on the area, this may be some distance).

You can also teleport back from any campaign area to your allied nation by speaking to the field officer or C.A. in any zone.

Participation in a Campaign Battle[edit]

When you have arrived in a Campaign Battle area, you must sign up with the Campaign Arbiter in the area to receive Allied Tags for participation in the battle. The battle may sprawl out across the area, but it is generally focused upon the fortifications.

Once you receive tags a sword icon will appear in front of your name. Under these tags, you can earn Experience Points or Limit Points for participating in the battle, sign-up for a union, and you will not lose experience if K.O.'d. However, you forfeit any experience points and item drops from all other monsters in the zone.

Campaign Battle opponents will only be aggressive to players with Allied Tags. Players not participating will not be affected by their attacks, unless they have accrued enmity with Campaign Battle enemies. However non-Campaign Battle mobs can and will aggro players involved in Campaign battles.

Note: The Black mage Spell Tractor will remove you from the zone which will remove tags and all experience points gained in battle.

Temporary Items[edit]

The Campaign Arbiters and item distributors provide the players with temporary items in exchange for Allied Notes. These items vanish after you exit the battle. The availability of items depends on the area fortification's Resources: if they reach zero, players will be unable to obtain temporary items until resources are replenished.

Only players allied to the respective nation can receive items from these NPCs.
Standard temporary items are only available to players participating in Campaign Battles within their home nation's region.
Item Cost Effect
Hi-Potion +3 30 AN Restores 130 HP.
Hi-Ether +3 30 AN Restores 70 MP.
Instant Reraise 30 AN Adds Reraise effect.
Lethe Water 30 AN Removes up to 3 enhancements on target.
Black Mine 30 AN Plants a bomb which counts down from 3 and explodes hitting all targets within Area of Effect.
Binding Tube 30 AN Binds targets within Area of Effect.
Paralyzing Tube 30 AN Paralyzes targets within Area of Effect.
Silencing Tube 30 AN Silences targets within Area of Effect.
X-Potion +3 45 AN Restores 180 HP.
Super Ether +3 45 AN Restores 120 MP.
Catholicon 45 AN Cures most status ailments.
Elixir 60 AN Instantly Restores HP and MP 25%.
Daedalus Wing 60 AN Instantly increases TP by 100%.
Body Boost 60 AN Maximum HP +50%.
Mana Boost 60 AN Maximum MP +50%.
Additional temporary items are only available to nations who the freelance/alchemist Azima is currently allied with.
Item Cost Effect
Drachenessence 30 AN Restores Wyvern's HP.
Barbarian's Drink 30 AN Increases attack power by 50% for 60 Seconds.
Oracle's Drink 30 AN Increases magical attack powers.
Spy's Drink 30 AN Grants Haste effect. (30% for 3 minutes)
Fighter's Drink 30 AN Increases accuracy.
Assassin's Drink 30 AN Increases magical accuracy.
Sprinter's Drink 30 AN Grants Flee effect lasts for 60 Seconds.
Gnostic's Drink 30 AN Grants Pax effect. (Lowers Enmity growth on player)
Shepherd's Drink 30 AN Instantly restores a pet's HP.
Soldier's Drink 45 AN Increases damage output.
Monarch's Drink 45 AN Grants Regain effect. (Grants 180% TP)
Champion's Drink 45 AN Grants Potency effect. (Increase in critical hit rates for 60 Seconds)
Fanatic's Drink 60 AN Nullifies physical damage.
Cleric's Drink 60 AN Cures most status ailments on nearby party members.
Fool's Drink 60 AN Nullifies magical damage.
Vicar's Drink 60 AN Cures most status ailments.

Campaign Battle Rewards[edit]

During the battle, most actions you do will earn you Experience Points and Allied Notes.

Be advised, Experience Points will only accumulate up to the current level cap. Any extra will NOT be applied to limit points automatically. Additional battles once capped will provide limit points as normal.

The calculations and limits on EXP and AN gained during a battle can be estimated using this guide.

You can ask for an assessment at any point during the campaign battle by speaking to the Campaign Arbiter in the area; this will remove your tags and provide you with the rewards you have accumulated so far.

This assessment is not automatic if you teleport out of the area or change areas (including use of Tractor). These actions will forfeit any possible rewards.
If you disconnect during a campaign battle with your Allied Tags on, you lose your tags and any possible rewards.

Additionally, if you register for a Union and participate at least to a certain predetermined degree, you will be eligible to lot on union treasure after the battle has ended. Note that you must re-register for a union if you take an assessment mid-battle. You must be present at the end of the battle to be able to lot on Union spoils.

Elements of Campaign Battles[edit]

Campaign Battles are centered on the Fortifications in the outdoor zones, and are spread throughout dungeons and strongholds.

In addition to adventurers, there will be friendly NPCs and hostile mobs involved in Campaign Battles. Each nation has 10 military units (attackers and defenders), a maintenance unit, physicians, and siege equipment. Five military units are deployed to specific zones, while the other five military units can be deployed anywhere in their nation's cordon. The first two units in each army may also be deployed to the Northlands.

Finally, Freelances may assist any of these forces (multiple freelances can accompany a single unit to battle). All freelances are scouted and recruited by players, though the Dark Kindred recruit their own freelances as well. They will usually leave when their associated unit returns victorious, though they remain even if the unit retreats before the battle ends.


Each of the seven armies have a Reconnaissance rating, on a scale of 0 to 10. An army's reconnaissance is an index of their intel. High reconnaissance means that a nation is better able to ascertain the most up-to-date info on the movements and machinations of both friend and foe. This rating can be increased by appropriate campaign ops and nation strategies. As the Reconnaissance increases, players will get better feedback on unit movements.

Reconnaisance Effects
  • No intel available
  • Limited intel on local forces.
  • Little to no intel on any other forces.
  • Full intel on local forces.
  • Limited intel on other allied forces Verification Needed
  • Unit arrival broadcasted in zone Verification Needed
  • Full intel on allied forces
  • Limited intel on local beastmen forces.
  • Dispatch announcements concerning local beastmen units.
  • Full intel on local beastman forcesVerification Needed
  • Limited intel on other beastman forces.
  • Dispatch announcements concerning other beastmen units.
  • Full intel on other beastmen forcesVerification Needed
  • Limited intel on Dark Kindred forces.
  • Dispatch announcements concerning Dark Kindred units.Verification Needed
  • The direction an attacking unit is approaching the fort will be broadcasted in zone.
  • Full intel on Dark Kindred forces


Players can attack the targets named "Fortification", which appear around the outpost after a unit has been dispatched to the area. After 50% of their "HP" has been depleted, one "fortifications" point will be deducted and the HP will be returned to full.

Each member of the unit defending a fortification killed also reduces the Fortifications by 1 point.

Whenever the unit from the defending force of an area is dispatched, that force uses 1 point from Resources in the area to repair the fortification. A campaign message indicating that a force has undertaken the "stalwart defense" indicates that a unit is guarding and began repairs to the fortifications.

Each point used from the Resources repairs that area's fortification by 10 points.
Each unit dispatched to defend a fortification uses at least 1 point from the area's resources to repair fortifications. So if 3 units are dispatched to defend a fortification, the fortifications will be repaired by 30 points.

Each army also has an maintenance unit that is capable of repairing the fortifications by a small number of points with each unit member that reaches the fortifications.

When a unit is wiped out it is automatically considered to be retreating. Any unit that satisfying its winning condition will warp out. If a unit is not wiped out and isn't winning, they will flee the area on foot. All units summoned via the belfry or siege turret will flee on foot regardless which side won.

It is possible for a campaign battle to be left with no losing side (in theory) if there is no defender present. It is also possible to have no winning side; example would be beastmen attacking an allied region and beat back defending NPCs then subsequently was turned back by PCs before their own winning condition were satisfied.

In order for the attacking force to win the battle and gain influence, the fortifications need to be reduced below the number they were at before the battle began. This can be done either by defeating a majority of the defending force or attacking the fortifications directly.

For example, if the fortifications start at 115/150 before a battle starts and is increased to 135/150 when 2 units are dispatched to defend, the fortifications must be brought to a number below 115/150 in order to force the defending force to retreat.

One of the fortification points is considered the "rear" of the fort, and Sneak Attack will activate without Hide. For example, the west side of the Rolanberry Fields (S) fortification near the flag will always be hit by Sneak Attack.

Fortification Locations:

Fortification Flags
Control of the fortification is indicated by a nation or beastman flag. The fortifications controlled by a nation also have their field officer present. This flag also serves as a drop-off point for resupply missions carried out by maintenance units.

Fortification Flags
Windurst Bastok San d'Oria Beastmen
Fortflagwindurst.jpg Fortflagbastok.jpg Fortflagsandoria.jpg Beastmen flag.jpg


Each of the seven major forces have a stronghold from where they organize their troops: Bastok Markets (Republican Army of Bastok), Southern San d'Oria (Royal Army of San d'Oria), Windurst Waters (Federation Forces of Windurst), Beadeaux (Quadav Shieldwarriors), Castle Oztroja (Yagudo Theomilitary), La Vaule (Orcish Host), and Castle Zvahl (Dark Kindred).

In order for campaign battles to take place in the stronghold areas mentioned above, the stronghold must be the only remaining zone under control. For example, for a battle to take place in Southern San d'Oria (S), the Orcish Hosts must control every other area in the Ronfaure and Norvallen Fronts. When campaign battles occur in allied nation cities, Campaign Ops NPC, and certain other NPCs will vanish for the duration of the battle.

In beastmen strongholds, any of the nearby beastmen mobs will link with campaign defenders, making assaults on these areas exceptionally difficult as the fortification areas are often crowded.

Campaign Battle Units[edit]


The attackers are the forces on the offensive, and it is their deployment that triggers campaign battles, exactly 10 minutes after the "dispatched" message which is broadcast in the towns. They begin their assault by spawning in waves at set locations a distance away from the fortifications, and will charge to the fort. A message will inform when they begin the attack (and if reconnaissance permits, will also indicate the direction of the assault). Their objective is to deal damage to the fortifications. Upon dealing enough they will "return victorious" to their stronghold by warping out. If the entire attacking force has been slain, the attacking force retreats and the campaign battle ends. Additionally, each attacking unit has a 60 minute time limit; if they are unable achieve victory by then, they're forced to retreat.

The behavior of the advancing forces will usually pause every so often as they march to the fortress. This allows players a chance to ambush incoming beastmen raiders before they reach the defending forces' fortifications. Upon getting in range of the fort, the attackers will aggro the first defenders or fortification they see/hear. They will engage a defender until it is slain, and will attack any fortification continuously unless attacked by a defending troop. If an attacker's AI fails to detect either, they will wander around the premises until they detect an opponent.

The Allied Forces and Beastmen Confederate will only be attacking zones within their territory (for example, the Federal Forces of Windurst will not assault the Quadav Shieldwarriors). Furthermore, the Allied Forces will not invade the Fauregandi and Valdeaunia fronts until they've secured every overland area in their cordon. This means that dungeon areas (Garlaige Citadel (S), Crawlers' Nest (S), and The Eldieme Necropolis (S)) - as well as enemy strongholds (La Vaule (S), Beadeaux (S) and Castle Oztroja (S)) are exempted from the consideration.

The Dark Kindred are a unique exception; they will attack any area under control of the Allied Forces; however, they have only been observed to defend Fauregandi and Valdeaunia fronts (Beaucedine Glacier (S) and Xarcabard (S) to be precise). Players are also not restricted in this way, and can join the assault on any beastmen area regardless of their Campaign allegiance. But players themselves are not considered an attacking force; their participation is only valid while the Allied Forces have troops assaulting a beastmen fortification, so it is important for players to help keep Allied attackers alive through magical support or creating a diversion by engaging the defenders and thus taking their attention away from the attacking force.


The defenders are sent to undertake the stalwart defense of fortresses. Their objective is to simply destroy attacking waves, and if all (or most) offensive troops are defeated, they'll return victorious to their stronghold when the battle ends. They will also return victorious after a certain period of time even if no battle has occurred. Defenders are almost always are deployed with physicians. Upon arriving at the defense, the fortifications count increases by 10 (at a cost of one Resource).

The defenders always spawn at the fortifications and patrol the premises, and unlike attackers, they will respawn periodically. However, each time a defender is slain, the fortifications count will decrease by one. If it falls to 90% of its original setting, the defenders will call a retreat and abandon the defense leaving any players and physicians behind. This does not prevent new defenders from appearing later to resume defense in the same battle, however.

The Allied Forces and Beastmen Confederate will only be defending zones that they control, and each beastmen force only dispatches forces in their territory. The Dark Kindred will only defend Northland zones, though their Leechkeeper physicians will be deployed with all beastmen defenders. Players, however, are free to participate in any Allied defense regardless of their Campaign allegiance, and have greater mobility than defending forces (who only patrol the vicinity of the fort), and as such can either try to pick off advancing beastmen troops one by one or they can divert their attention to allow the defending forces to pick them off.


All units have a commanding general. This general is named, and is a considerably powerful NPC/mob in campaign battles (far exceeding regular troops or any player). If the general is defeated, the unit will not automatically retreat, however a message relayed in the cities will inform players that he or she was "grievously wounded" in battle, and thus the unit will take a longer rest period before being deployed again.

Allied generals are well-known individuals in their nation's military, and players may chat with them outside campaign battles. During campaign battles, they all have a distinctive battle cry (usually when performing a weaponskill or special ability) that heralds their presence. Several generals possess relic weapons or another rare artifacts, and many have their own unique weaponskill.

Beastmen generals are a named Notorious Monster, and all have unique characteristics and deadly tricks up their sleeve (like many other NMs in Vana'diel). They do not have any spoken battle cry, but they usually have a very distinctive appearance (at least compared to their own troops). Great caution is needed when battling them, for unlike their regular troops, they have more than enough firepower to defeat several players from a single area attack or single-handedly defeat entire Allied units over the course of a battle. As a result, players tend to save them for last or allow for Allied units awaiting battle to deal with them while they fight the general's troops. All generals are immune to stun, sleep, and silence.


The physicians join defenders, serving dutifully to heal and tend to their battle-wounded allies. They patrol the field of battle, seeing to the needs of combatants by bestowing upon them various spells of healing and enhancement. The physicians will not engage in open combat directly; they will resort to fighting only as a means of self-defense when attacked directly. If the defenders flee from battle, they will remain on the battlefield until either the campaign battle ends or they die. They are not very durable and will quickly perish if they are attacked directly. They also seem to lose hate over time, and often return to healing duty if they are not directly engaged in attack.

It can be noticed that physician units will cast tiers of spells in accordance to how many areas a nation controls. For instance, if Windurst controls Windurst Waters and West Sarutabaruta (S), the Combat Salvemixers would be able to cast up to Cure II, Protect II, Shell II and Raise. They can even cast normally self-target only spells such as Blink on defenders. The efficiency of physician units can be improved by undertaking Cut and Cauterize campaign ops.

Since physicians never accompany an attacking wave, it is up to players to keep offensive Allied forces healed during an assault on beastmen forts.


During offensive campaigns, special distributors will arrive on the battlefield to provide temporary items for players aiding the assault. Their stock is limited, and will have to restock them at headquarters after awhile.

They will remain close to the fortifications - close enough that they will likely be targeted by defenders. This prevents them from distributing temporary items, though this can still be useful as a diversion. Much like physicians, they will lose hate over time and disengage if the enemy stops attacking.

Please note that distributors will not accompany troops to the Northlands.

Maintenance units[edit]

Each of the armies have an auxiliary maintenance unit. This unit is non-combative, as they perform other tasks when deployed, and have no commander. They will bring supplies to the forts, perform bombing runs on enemy bases, and can assemble siege weapons (see below) if their nation's conditions support it.

These troops will only attack in self-defense, and only if they are defenders; on offensive operations, they will not flinch regardless of the opposition. Upon reaching their objective, they will warp out when finished. If they are setting up siege machines, there will be an ominous summoning animation as they move into position. They are considered victorious if most of them manage to succeed in their mission.

If they are deployed on an offensive campaign operation, they are still considered an attacking wave and must be dealt with by defending forces. As siege engines are not considered an attacking wave, they will automatically despawn when the campaign battle ends, even if the last "attack wave" was the maintenance group.

Siege weapons[edit]

Upon reaching certain technological levels, both the Allied Forces and the Beastman will be able to deploy siege weapons in campaign battles:


Available to both the Allied Forces of Altana as well as the Beastman Confederate, the belfry will become available to armies attacking regions not under their influence once their technological means have reached a predetermined level.

Since they house a "war bell" capable of calling forth reinforcements, it is imperative that players not only protect the belfries of the Allied Forces tooth and nail, but also demolish those of the Beastman Confederate as quickly as possible.

The reinforcements will attempt to assault the fortifications, but will defend the belfry if it is being attacked. The beastmen reinforcements have a unique appearance and have a special weaponskill. Unlike normal attacking waves, these reinforcements will continue to respawn until the belfry is destroyed.


The mantelet is also available to both sides, and will be placed at a location that an army is defending once their technological means have reached a predetermined level.

The mantelet's benefit derives from its ability to restore the HP of friendly players within its vicinity. As such, much like the belfry, they must be defended or destroyed accordingly.

To be specific, a mantelet will restore the HP, MP, and TP of any defenders within range. The mantelet has a limited use however; it will gradually weaken as it heals defenders and will despawn upon depletion.

Siege Turret[edit]

Available only to the Beastman Confederate are siege turrets, which will appear when an army's technological means reach an incredibly high level while attacking an area not under their influence.

Capable of repeated long-range attacks, in addition to spawning ferocious enemies, the siege turret is widely considered to be the Beastman Confederate's most powerful and deadliest weapon.

Although they appear to have wheels, they usually never move as they are installed very close to the fort. Their main attack is a ranged attack and a large radius blast attack, aimed to hit the fortifications and any defenders nearby. They will also deploy some war beasts to attack the fortifications. While they are out on the field, they will damage the total amount of maximum resources the area can sustain. They will not be deployed in strongholds, however.

Campaign Battle Forces[edit]

The Allied Forces of Altana[edit]

Allied NPCs of the each nation participate in combat. They come in large squads of roughly 10-15 NPCs to protect or attack fortifications. Also, Freelance NPCs will come to the aid of any nation who gains influence over them by doing certain tasks.

Unlike typical NPCs, the strength and defenses of these NPCs are constantly fluctuating based on their conditioning and participation in battle. If Allied forces are defeated several times, they will gradually become weaker in future battles and be less capable of fighting on their own. Likewise, if the NPCs are victorious, they will gradually become stronger and it will be harder for Beastmen forces to defeat them. Players can help improve the condition of their nation's forces through Military training Campaign Ops.

Federal Forces of Windurst[edit]

Federation Army - Windurst
Commander Regulars Notes
Kayeel-Payeel Aquarian Casters
Gariri Scorpion Casters
  • Tarutaru Black Mages
  • Gariri summons a Flame Giant avatar, and casts any Fire-elemental spell up to Flare II.
  • Eligible to attack Northlands under correct conditions.
Zolku-Azolku Libran Casters
  • Tarutaru Scholars
  • Zolku unleashes helix spells Tier 4 elemental nukes, and Ancient Magic II on opponents. Uses the devastating weaponskill Death Knell when his life is in danger.
Lhu Mhakaracca Python Mercenaries
Haja Zhwan Wildcat Volunteers
Zonpa-Zippa Capricornian Casters
Nyumomo Patriarch Protectors
Mikhe Aryohcha Cougar Volunteers
Vhino Delkahngo Crocodile Mercenaries
Lutete Ariesian Casters
N/A Piscean Casters
  • Tarutaru auxiliary unit that performs supply runs and sabotage.
N/A Combat Salvemixer
  • Tarutaru physicians - Buffs and heals all allied characters that are joining in Campaign, and does not engage in actual combat unless attacked. Only dispatched with another defending unit (except the Piscean Casters).
N/A Federation Dispenser
  • Mithra distributors - provides temporary items for players in offensive campaign battles while supplies last.
Allied Belfry Wildcat Vanguard
  • Mithra Ninjas
  • Emerges from an Allied Belfry in Yagudo controlled areas.
Allied Armored Belfry Cardian Prototype
  • Cardians
  • Emerges from an advanced Allied Armored Belfry in Yagudo controlled areas.
Allied Mantelet N/A
  • Appears in Campaign battles in any Windurst held zone. Every person standing by a Mantelet will gain Regen, Refresh and Regain (3/tick for each) until stepping away from it.

Republican Army of Bastok[edit]

Republican Army - Bastok
Commander Regulars Notes
Bartholomaus 1st Iron Musketeer
  • Hume Red Mages
  • Bartholomaus uses his own unique AoE weaponskill, "Glory Slash."
  • Eligible to attack Northlands under correct conditions.
Maximilian 1st Legionnaire
  • Galka Rangers
  • Maximilian has devastating attack power and dual wields two swords.
  • Eligible to attack Northlands under correct conditions.
Ludwig 2nd Legionnaire
Elivira 1st Gold Musketeer
Kurt 8th Iron Musketeer
  • Hume Ninjas
  • Kurt and his musketeers use ranged attacks and ninjutsu. Kurt has a unique weaponskill called "Iainuki" and runs with Flee-like speed.
Invincible Shield 3rd Legionnaire
Adelheid 2nd Legion Scout
Sonia Field Musician Guard
Striking Bull 2nd Legion Grenadier
Else 1st Legion Reiter
N/A 4th Legionnaire
  • Hume auxiliary unit that performs supply runs and sabotage missions.
N/A Field Woundpatcher
  • Hume physicians - Buffs and heals all allied characters that are joining in Campaign, and does not engage in actual combat unless attacked. Only dispatched with another defending unit (except the 4th Legionnaires).
N/A Republic Supplier
  • Galka distributors - provides temporary items for players in offensive campaign battles while supplies last.
Allied Belfry 1st Legion Aidman
  • Hume Red Mages
  • Emerges from an Allied Belfry in Quadav-controlled areas
Allied Armored Belfry 1st Legion Mercenary
  • Goblin Rangers
  • Emerges from an advanced Allied Armored Belfry in Quadav-controlled areas.
Allied Mantelet N/A
  • Appears in Campaign battles in any Bastok held territory. Every person standing by a Mantelet will gain Regen, Refresh and Regain (3/tick for each) until stepping away from it.

Royal Army of San d'Oria[edit]

Kingdom Army - San d'Oria
Commander Regulars Notes
Valaineral R Davilles Royal Guard
Leonoyne Savage Hound Condottie
  • Elvaan Warriors
  • Leonoyne uses Ice-based elemental spells, as well as curative magic; he can also use Invincible. He has a unique ice-based, conical weaponskill: Spine Chiller, which inflicts Terror.
  • Eligible to attack Northlands under correct conditions.
Ashmea B Greinner Scarlet Boar Esquire
  • Elvaan Dragoons
  • Ashmea dual wields swords and casts Fire-based Elemental and Enhancing spells. She also has a unique, fire based cone-shaped AoE weaponskill "Prominence."
Feldrautte I Rouhent Norvallen Knight
  • Elvaan Paladins
  • Feldrautte fights with a Staff while countering enemies with his own devestating blows. He often uses Counterstance to increase his counter rate. He favors using the weaponskill Full Swing for extreme damage.
Yrvaulair S Cousseraux Royal Knight
  • Elvaan Paladins
  • Yrvaulair throws special "Volant Angons" that inflict direct damage. Yrvaulair strikes down hard upon his enemies with powerful polearm skills as well.
Cerane I Virgaut Aragoneu Knight
Laisavie X Berlends Silver Fox Archer
Noillurie Red Rose Condottiere
Mieuseloir B Enchelles Crimson Wolf Esquire
Febrenard C Brunnaut Temple Knight
  • Elvaan White Mages
  • Responsible for The Eldieme Necropolis (S)
  • Febrenard and his unit support and heal each other, making them very difficult to defeat. They often rely on outlasting their enemies while plastering them with crippling blows and powerful divine magic.
N/A Gold Badger Esquire
  • Elvaan auxiliary unit that performs supply runs and sabotage.
N/A Royal Palliator
  • Elvaan physicians - Buffs and heals all allied characters that are joining in Campaign, but does not engage in actual combat unless attacked. Only dispatched with another unit (except the Gold Badger Esquires).
N/A Royal Provisioner
  • Elvaan distributors providing temporary items for players in offensive campaign battles while supplies last.
Allied Belfry Royal Banneret
  • Elvaan Paladins
  • Emerge from an Allied Belfry in Orcish-controlled areas.
Allied Armored Belfry Royal Esquire
  • Elvaan PaladinsVerification Needed
  • Emerge from an advanced Allied Armored Belfry in Orcish-controlled areas.
Allied Mantelet N/A
  • Appears in Campaign battles in any San d'Oria held territory. Every person standing by a Mantelet will gain Regen, Refresh and Regain (3/tick for each) until stepping away from it.


Whenever one of the Allied nations manages to reclaim the territory in their cordon, they may take the fight to the Northland fronts in addition to the beastmen stronghold. The following units appears only during Northlands assaults:

Scylla Brigade
Commander Regulars Notes
N/A Scylla Brigade Healer
  • Tarutaru physicians - Buffs and heals all allied characters that are joining in Campaign, and does not engage in actual combat unless attacked. Only dispatched with another other unit (except the Gold Badger Esquires/4th Legionnaires/Piscean Casters).
Allied Belfry Scylla Brigade Officer
  • Hume Paladins
  • Emerges from an Allied Belfry in Kindred-controlled areas.
Allied Armored Belfry Scylla Brigade Elite
  • Hume Information Needed
  • Emerges from an advanced Allied Armored Belfry in Kindred-controlled areas.

Allied Forces Freelances[edit]

Players may run into free-spirit NPCs without ties to any nation. Such NPCs are known as "freelances." On such encounters you may be able to recruit these characters, enlisting them to temporarily serve the efforts of the Allied Forces. Freelances recruited in such a manner will not only participate directly in combat, but will also come to have an influence on the armies and countries which they serve under, and may even form their own ranks to lead in battle.

The Beastman Confederate[edit]

The monsters appear in squadrons of 9 troops led with a named leader. They all check as Impossible to Gauge. These will not aggro players without the sword icon for Campaign; only players with Allied Tags will be attacked. They WILL link if you are attacking fortifications, leechkeepers, etc. without tags; however, and it is possible to gain hate without Allied Tags if you assist other player characters with Allied Tags on. Being defeated by these mobs without Allied Tags will cause you to lose experience points as normal. Defeating these mobs without Allied Tags will yield experience points and spoils as would any normal enemy. Note that it is possible to gain influence over a Beastmen-controlled area by defeating its defending enemies without Allied Tags.

Dark Kindred[edit]

These uncommon forces sometimes show up during campaign battles, and are often more difficult than the other three forces. They will only deploy for defensive operations in the Northlands, but will freely attack any Allied-controlled zone, including bringing freelances with them on occasion.

Orcish Hosts[edit]

The Orcish Host employs "Orcish Counterstance," granting them a counterstance effect. To avoid being countered, stand behind the enemy. Some NM's use "Berserker Dance" to grant a self-Haste effect. Neither effect can be Dispeled. Any Orc force can defend La Vaule (S).

Quadav Shieldwarriors[edit]

Quadav Shieldwarriors have a TP move called "Diamond Shell" that makes any attacks from behind hit for 0 damage while the effect is active, including Ninjutsu and other spells. Take note of when it's used and move to the front to cause damage. Much like Sneak (for example), Diamond Shell cannot be reapplied before it's prior application has dissipated, therefore will have no effect if used too rapidly in succession. Ore Lob (a powerful AoE attack that wipes shadows) and Wrath of Gu'Dha (absorbed by 3 shadows, potent AOE knockback and Weight) are usable only by certain Quadav generals.

Yagudo Theomilitary[edit]

The Yagudo Theomilitary have an ability called "Feathered Furore" that will remove one random piece of equipment in a cone blast. Several campaign leaders also use "Dark Invocation" to inflict poison/death.

Beastman Confederate Freelances[edit]

The Allied Forces of Altana are not the only ones to recruit allies. The Beastmen Confederate also have their own swords for hire. These freelances usually appear in battles to assist units of the Dark Kindred and other units of the Beastman Confederate.

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